New to Amazon Subscribe and Save? Here’s How to Manage your Subscriptions

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If you don't know about the Amazon Subscribe and Save program, you should get to know it! You can save some serious money and not even have to leave your house. Below, is some more info on it. And if you're wondering what kind of deals you can get, just search “subscribe and save” in the search bar of this blog to see all the awesome deals that have come because of subscribe and save.

Subscribe and Save is an awesome program where if you subscribe monthly (or even as far out as every 6 months) to an item you can save 5%. But it gets even BETTER.  If you have 5 or more items on your subscribe and save shipment, you will save a total of 15% off each item! Save the most by adding 5 items, instead of just one, so you can save a total of 15%. I love finding inexpensive subscribe and save items, that get my order up to the 5 item threshold, so that I can save 15%.

Remember, you can go in and VERY easily cancel your subscribe and save items after they have shipped. You simply go into your Amazon account, and in “your account”, you click on “my subscribe and save items” and click discontinue, or cancel. There is NO obligation to keep getting the item and NO penalty to cancel. I have personally canceled tons of items with absolutely no problem.

One more thing you must know about subscribe and save, is that when you choose subscribe and save on items that are add-on items (add-on items are items that have to have an order of $25 or more to ship free) the add-on requirement is no longer applicable, and the item will ship free!


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