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I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday today. Having all my kids home all day has been…fun. Add the apparent heat wave of nearly 50-degree weather and we've had a lovely day of playing in the park and riding bikes!

Since it's been a slow day online as well, I stopped by all my favorite e-coupon sources and was surprised to find so many new coupons! My favorites are the $1/1 YoPlus yogurt coupons, as well as the $1/1 Fiber One yogurt coupon. Seems like our yogurt coupons have been half that for a while now, so it's nice to have access to some higher value ones.

As a review, e-coupons are loaded directly onto your Smith's Fresh Values card. They can be used in lieu of paper coupons. When you log on to the Smith's e-coupon website, you can click “Active Coupons” and you can see what coupons you've loaded from all e-coupon sites. That way, when you're preparing to go shopping, you can know what coupons you have available right then.

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3 thoughts on “New E-Coupons Available

  1. Sienna says:

    Can you stack manufacturer coupons with smiths e coupons? It seemed to have taken off both when I went shopping last. Does that work with cell fire and short cuts too?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand ecoupons if I buy three boxes of cereal and I have an ecoupon does it take it off each box or just one? Are these stackable with paper coupons?

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