My Winco Grocery Trip: Saved 20% more with Coupons

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I went to Winco last night to use my Winco coupons that came in the mail. It's a bit of a drive for me, but it's so worth it! They really do have incredible prices and I like that the store is clean, well lit, well maintained and has  fabulous meat and produce sections.

You can see details on many of the deals I got here. Strawberries for .74/lb, .98 pineapples, .98/lb ground beef and .98 boxes of Malt O Meal cereal are just a few of the great deals!

I calculated that I saved 20% using store and manufacturers coupons, which is significant since Winco's prices are already super low to begin with! A few more pieces of info:

  • I purchased 12 lbs of produce, 15 lbs of meat, had 54 items total and spent $84.68.
  • I used 14 store coupons and 11 manufacturers coupons that totaled $21.75 in savings
  • I am stocked for summer BBQ's {holy hannah look at all that junk food!}
I found a few more great deals I wanted to tell you all about, just in case you haven't shopped yet! 
Malt O Meal boxed cereal, $1.48 each
  • Winco store coupon gets you 2 boxes for .98 each {pay $1.48 for any additional boxes}
  • Stack with this $1.50/3 Malt o Meal cereal coupon {print two!}
  • Buy 6 boxes, using both coupons it averages out to only .81 per box!

Resers American Classics salads, $2.78

Kotex & U by Kotex Liners, $1.22- $1.26

Also, if you get the newspaper, there's a deal for Challenge butter tubs that I was so excited about! 
Challenge butter, tubs of whipped butter, $1.35
  • Use .55/1 any dairy product that has the Real California Dairy symbol coupon from 5/13 SS {all Challenge butter products have this symbol on the packaging!}
  • Final price: .80 each!
Have fun at Winco!
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6 thoughts on “My Winco Grocery Trip: Saved 20% more with Coupons

  1. Anonymous says:

    Had a blast at Winco earlier on the week…my favorite deal was a Kikkoman/ground beef combo. I had 2 manufacturers coupons I printed from the Target site for $1.50 off WYB 3 Kikkoman sauces,2 newspaper coupons for $2 off fresh beef WYB 3 Kikkoman sauces, and a .98 sale price for a pound of gound beef. That made for 5 lbs. of gound beef (the limit at .98) and 6 10 oz. bottles of soy sauce (regular price $1.67) for $7.92. That's $2+ less than the soy sauce alone at an aready tremendous regular price. I choose to look at it like free meat, and I use soy sauce like crazy. Winco is hit and miss, but this visit was definitely a hit for me.

  2. Cam says:

    I noticed that you picked up some baby food and thought I would ask if you've ever made your own? I am on baby #3 and decided to try it this time and it is SO easy and I'm kicking myself for not doing it with my other kids! For example, 1 yam was .89 cents and made 20 servings for my baby! It's also easy to mill your own brown rice or oatmeal. I'm sure you've made your own before, but I thought I'd mention it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I took all my children and we all went thru the line and got the blueberries, strawberries and pineapple (limit 2) and came home and froze them for summer smoothies. It really stoked the freezer. (we went back another day also)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did you have a problem with the coupons for feminine products? The ones I am seeing on the link say they can't be used for 14-22 count boxes, and your pics looks like that is what they are. Were you still allowed to use them?

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