My Smith’s Trip: 66% Savings Overall Rolling Catalinas!

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Smith's Utah grocery trip rolling catalinas

I had a magical grocery shopping trip at Smith's today. You know those trips where everything seems to go wrong? Well, this was the exact opposite. It was that good.

First, let me tell you my {not so} secret formula:
Peanut butter sandwiches on the way to Smith's + Play Place at the store + Front carrier for Leah= BLISS

No joke. The stars aligned and everyone was happy and cooperative. The shelves were stocked and no coupons beeped. Catalinas just kept rolling and rolling. Ok, let me tell you what I did…

Overall I did 3 separate transactions. Before sales and coupons I would have spent $163.10, but instead I paid only $55.05! That works out to be a 66% savings! 

See the Smith's Grocery Smarts list here. Never heard of Grocery Smarts? Read all about how to use this fabulous FREE grocery tool here. You'll also want to print a few coupons from the Smith's cereal sale. I also bought 3 packages of Huggies Swim Diapers and got the catalina I told you about here. GREAT price on those- $3.82 each!! 

Quick run-down on catalinas: These are the coupons that print out at the register. Certain items and numbers of those items triggers catalinas to print. the best kind are the ones that get you money off your next shopping trip.  Rolling catalinas refers to buying items that triggers the catalina, then turning around and buying another set of participating, using the first catalina to pay and also triggering another to print! It's awesome!

Transaction #1: 
Purchased 6 boxes of Kix cereal, on sale for $2.50 each

  • Used $3 in coupons
  • Paid $12.45 total
  • Got a $6 catalina coupon to use on my next transaction!
  • Averages out to 78% savings

Transaction #2:

I didn't intend to do 3 transactions, I only planned on two. However, when I was walking around the store, I noticed these Yoplait Yogurts marked down to .99. I didn't have any coupons, but I didn't need them as they're marked as part of the “Buy 6 items, get a $6 catalina” promo! So if I pay .99 each and I get a $6 catalina at the end that makes them… FREE! 

Purchased 6 Yoplait with Granola yogurts, .99 markdown

  • Used $6 catalina from transaction #1
  • Paid .12 in tax
  • Got another $6 catalina to use for transaction #3
  • 100% savings!! Keep an eye out for those bright colored mark-down stickers!!

Utah Deal Diva 100% savings

Transaction #3 is everything pictured at the very top. I paid with the $6 catalina from trans. #2, then of course, got another one! I also got a $5 catalina from purchasing $20 worth of Huggies.

smiths catalina coupons utah

Not a bad sale at Smith's this week, huh?! Let me know if you had any questions about my trip, rolling catalinas, etc. Happy shopping everyone!

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5 thoughts on “My Smith’s Trip: 66% Savings Overall Rolling Catalinas!

  1. Tacy says:

    I have not had luck with Smith's lately, again I went tonight to get some country crock and use my 1$ off coupon and it wouldn't scan. It is the new barcode of coupons and I am starting to get frustrated with it. Were any of yours like that today Jessica and if they were did they scan correctly. I'm beginning to think there is something wrong with my printer…. Let me know. It's making me not want to shop at smith's.

  2. Lindsey says:

    For the first time ever I had a checkout person at Smith's give me a hard time about rolling catalinas. She let me use them but made it very clear that they should be used for another day was pretty snippy with me during checkout. I hope Smith's doesn't adopt the rotten attitude other stores in the area have about coupons, I have loved shopping there because they have always been so helpful and coupon friendly!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went to two different Smith's trying to get Kix (like you) on this General Mills deal…nothing bus Reeses, Cookie Crisp, Cinnamon Toast, and Lucky Charms. I might as well just give my kids a bowl of sugar and a multi vitamin.

    As for the coupon Nazi's at Smith's, they're at Target, and Walmart, too. There was a story on Channel 4 news the other night about a new brand of "couponers" who are buying in bulk at the discounted price, and then taking advantage of generous return policies by returning the items for the full amount in cash or store credit…basically exchanging a coupon with one cashier at the register for cash from a second cashier at customer service. It's just a case of the rules being established for everyone by the behavior of the liars and the cheaters. You can't be mad at the cashier for assuming you're doing something fraudulent because quite frankly the majority probably are. The rules wouldn't keep changing if everything was fine.

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