My Smith’s Shopping Trip: Saved 58%

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The Smith's sale this week isn't spectacular, however it's been a long time since I've really grocery shopped, so I made the best of it and actually did pretty well!

You can see the full Smith's Grocery Smarts list here. Remember, the sale ends today.

Before sales and coupons my total came to $178.23. However I used a whopping $58.44 in coupons and after the sale prices calculated, my grand total was $74.79- plus I have a $2.50 catalina to spend! {From doing the “Get a Quarter back per item” promo.} I saved 58% and take a look at all the great items I got!! {click picture to enlarge.}

My coupons came from a variety of sources- free promos I've posted about recently, newspaper coupons, printable coupons and even some Smith's coupons that were mailed to my house.

Highlights of my trip:

I also stopped by Walmart and got a few items. I didn't calculate savings, but I feel like I got some great deals! 
Highlights of my trip:
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9 thoughts on “My Smith’s Shopping Trip: Saved 58%

  1. Alice says:

    I love when you post pictures- it makes me feel more inspired to work a little harder. 🙂

    I'm nearly out of pasta, so I've been waiting for it to go on sale- smiths sometimes has it for 50 cents a box don't they? Maybe I'll give in and just use the coupons now…

  2. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Lena- I ended up paying $13 for the ham. Not a stellar deal, but good, especially for a high quality ham.

    Sakura- This is the first time I've bought Meyer lemons! i've heard good things and have a couple recipes I want to make that require lemons, so I thought I'd try them out!

    Korger butter- $1.67 is the sale price! I checked the ad too and it's on sale for the same price again this week!

    Case lot items- sometimes they are a good deal! This case lot sale wasn't very good, so I just bought some individual cans of veggies/ fruit to hold us over until the Fall sale, which is normally better.

  3. Candice C. says:

    Yay for awesome deals! I got a $1.00 catalina from buying 4 Gatorades which are on sale and part of the "Get a Quarter Back" promo, bought 2 of the $1.67 Kroger butters (what a great price (and I'm in Logan)! As a broke grad student I get so sick of using margarine! Yucky!), and picked up a gallon of milk using my $.75 off coupon. I love that I never have to pay full price for milk! I made a Walmart trip too while I was out to take advantage of the new $2 off Bausch and Lomb coupon ( for contact lens solution, and got U by Kotex liners for $.24 using the $1 off coupon on their website.

  4. Julene says:

    I got my ad a day late and I kept thinking yesterday was Tuesday…LOL! The kids are on spring break this week and I don't know what day it is. I went and bought a bunch of butter for the freezer..yay!! I also worry that people aren't buying the items from the case lot sales because they think the price will get lower. I feel that food prices have gone up and these are the new low prices. Last fall the case lot prices were a little higher than before and in Jan. they were even higher (which they tend to be in Jan) but the prices for Smiths weren't that much higher than the fall. Do you think they will come down again? I don't think they will. Fingers crossed that they do come down but we might have to get used to a new price point.

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