My Honest VidAngel Review: Things You Must Know!

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Overall I LOVE Vidangel. There are a few things I wish were different, but for the most part, this service is amazing!

Let’s first talk about the VidAngel Charges and how they work:

(If you missed the very first post I did on VidAngel, it may be helpful to read that first)

UPDATE: We have streamed over 50 movies on Vidangel now, and my opinion remains the same!

I have been using VidAngel for about two weeks now, and have watched 5 movies, so I thought I would give a honest review and explain more about how it works. First of all, I must note that the VERY FIRST time you buy a movie, and sell it back–your card will be charged $20. I did not realize this when posting about VidAngel the first time. However, in turn, they leave a $19 credit in your VidAngel account if you opt for “sellback” again. {Please read on, it will all make sense in a minute.}

So for example, I have streamed 5 movies from Vidangel so far. The very first movie I streamed (and clicked auto-sellback) I was charged $20. Then, for the following 4 movies (that I also clicked auto-sellback) I have only been charged $1. I noticed on my bank statement online that the very first time I bought from VidAngel (and keep in mind I did choose auto-sellback), it was a $20 pending charge, then $20 completed charge. For the following movies, it has only been a $1 pending charge, and then $1 completed charge.


So, I contacted VidAngel because I was confused on why I was charged $20 for the first movie. Well as you may know, from the post I did here, they require that you technically buy the movie, so it can be edited if you want. Then, they allow you to sell it back for $19, making it essentially $1. I found out the reason they charge your card $20 the first time is to “buffer” the charges for the following movies you buy (and most likely will sellback.) This is just so you don’t have to keep having a $20 charge to your card, then a $19 credit put back on your card every time you watch a movie. AND just so you know, the $19 credit in your VidAngel account is your money. If you decide to stop using VidAngel permanently or for a little while, they will refund you the $19 whenever you want.

The way they do it MAKES SENSE to me, because at first, I wasn’t too fond of the idea of having a $20 charge put on my card and then a $19 credit being put back on my card EVERY time I watch a movie. After you watch a movie the first time on VidAngel, and if you opt for sell-back, then you will notice in the upper right hand corner of your homepage you will have a $19 credit. When you buy another movie to watch, that credit will be $0. But then when the sell-back is complete, it will be $19 again.

The only thing you need to know is that it REALLY ends up being $1 to stream a movie after sell-back. And of course, they give you the option to click on auto-sell-back, making it super convenient so you don’t forget.

And since I said this is my HONEST review, there is one thing that bugs me about Vidangel. When you choose auto-sellback, it will automatically sell the movie back after it’s over. Which is fine, unless you are streaming a movie for the kids and they want to watch it again. To avoid this, you must pause the show during the ending credits (or anytime before it’s over) and it will let you watch it over and over for a full 24-hours. You can also NOT choose auto-sellback and sell it back manually before the 24 hours, but you risk forgetting to sell it back!

One more thing I don’t like is how you can only change the filter on the computer. It hasn’t been a big deal, but there have been times we have had to pause the show and adjust the filter. Sometimes it’s not convenient to get on the computer to change it, but again, not a BIG deal. ***UPDATE: They acutally let you change the filter from your TV now. Wahoo!***


Now Let’s Talk about the editing features and streaming:

So as you may know, VidAngel is not only a streaming service for newly released (and old) movies, and TV shows, but they also give you the option to EDIT out any of the content you don’t want! I have used similar services to this in the past, and they have been terrible. They would glitch, awkwardly cut out, or talk over swear words. VidAngel’s service is flawless! I am very, very impressed. It simply just mutes the swear words and cuts out the scenes you opt not to see.

You can set the filters for each movie on your computer, or you can set a default filter that will automatically cut out everything you don’t want on each movie. It definitely makes it a lot nicer to watch movies with kids, so you are not cringing when something comes up that you don’t want them to see/hear. I am impressed by the streaming capability as well (I stream on a Roku). It streams perfectly with no glitches. I have also been impressed by the selection of movies that are available. They have a lot better movies than Netflix, and I LOVE that you pay by the movie and not a monthly service fee. I also love that I don’t have to leave my house to go get a movie from Redbox, and then forget to return it. VidAngel saves me time and money! 

I give VidAngel 5 Stars! It really is an awesome service and I think you’ll be impressed too.

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