My Garden: It’s Growing!

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Fresh produce is always welcomed in just about any household. However, fresh produce for free is even better! The best place to get free produce is from a home garden. Our yard sizes are all different, but don't let space hold you back from growing your own veggies. Get creative! The blog Cultivating Salt Lake is a great resource for those of us living in the Salt Lake valley. Not only do I enjoy her posts, but she also links to quite a few fantastic resources we have here in Utah.

I thought I'd show you all my garden right now and post updates throughout the season. Here's my disclaimer though: I have no idea what I'm doing. This is my 4th year having my own garden and each year I seem to mess up in new and unique ways! It's fun!  Even despite my inexperience, I absolutely love having my own garden. Not only is the fresh produce wonderful, but watching my kids get excited about growing our own food is such a joy.

On to my garden…

It's not a large garden, but using raised beds allows us to avoid that lovely clay soil we have and grow a large amount of vegetables in a small space. It requires little maintenance, especially using the drip lines we installed. It's working well!

I'm growing peas, tomatillos, carrots, bell peppers, tomotoes, cherry tomatoes, green beans, lemon cucumbers and zucchini. My raised beds are 4×4 and 4×8 and filled with top soil, compost and manure. Each year I till more compost into the dirt.

I've planted a couple different things this year- lemon cucumbers and tomatillos. They both seem to be doing well! These are my tomatillos in the pic above. It has tons of blossoms!

Here's my Better Boy tomato plant. Is that a tomato? I think it's trying to be one…  and if it is, it has bruschetta written all over it! My fresh basil is waiting in a pot in my kitchen…

Here's a view from the other side. Any day now I should see a pea pod! I'm trying out these new spiral vegetable supports this year. So far I like them a lot more. It contains the peas better and will allow them to easily grow upward. Not only that, but they collapse flat and you can store them over the winter time. The vacant spot is where my radishes grew. We've harvested a ton and now I'm contemplating either growing more radishes, or putting more carrots in that section. {My carrots are filling in all around the beds. They're hard to see right now because they just sprouted! }

My favorite part- my zucchini plants! Yes, I'm going to have a haul! They already have several blossoms, but so far, they're all male flowers, so no zucchini yet. I'm attempting something different this year. In the past I've planted two or three and let them grow all over the place. This year, I've planted several and am going to trim them back and use supports to help them grow upward, instead of outward. Supports to follow shortly- anyone have any ideas??

We also have a strawberry patch in another section of our yard. While I do think we'll get quite a few strawberries this year, it's mainly for my kids.

I'd love to hear your plans for gardening, as well as any tips some of you more experienced gardeners might have!

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4 thoughts on “My Garden: It’s Growing!

  1. Marne says:

    Looks great! I love having a garden too for those very reasons.

    I have planted tomatillos before with a beautiful plant and hundreds of blossoms….but no tomatillos. I found out later that you need at least 2 plants when you grow them because they are cross-pollinating. Corn is like that too. You need to plant a bunch to get good corn. And watch out for those tomatillo plants…they get HUGE. Mine was at least 4-5 feet high, and expanded to a large width too.

  2. Alice says:

    My strawberry patch was taking over other areas this year, so I dug up and transplanted 12 or so plants, by next year I ought to have two nice sized patches.

  3. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Marne- dang, i wonder if I should go get another one?! Maybe I will…hope J&L still has some!

    I'm hoping my bell peppers get larger than 1" this year too. It was kind of funny eating them last year…

    Alice- I know I should probably start snipping them, but it's just so fun watching more and more pop up! 😉

  4. Chelsea says:

    On the new Red Barn blog we are doing a series called "Gardening Girls" where we are following a few gardens to see which tricks and tips we think work and which ones don't. We'd love to have some more followers! Check it out at!

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