Make a Beautiful and Easy Spring wreath for under $10!

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I am excited to share this easy and frugal DIY wreath project I did the other day! This wreath requires pretty much no skill and you can use any type of greenery you find around your yard!
Can I just say, I love spring! I love going outside and working in my yard when it gets warm. The warm weather makes me just want to spend all day outside cleaning up my whole yard, while my kids happily play…but then they get hungry, and start fighting, and the baby starts crying…okay a mom can dream, right?! Not saying that happens in my family of course, but it’s a slight possibility. 🙂
So anyway, I have some bushes in my backyard that need trimming every spring and I have always wanted to make a wreath out of the clippings. And I finally did just that! I used the help of my cute 4-year old son to cut some of the stems, and he was happy as a clam to be helping mommy be crafty!
My only cost was buying the 12-inch foam wreath at Joann’s for $6.00 (I used a 40% off coupon) and a pack of floral greening pins for $2.50. So, that means my total cost out of pocket was only $8.50! Pretty sweet price for a wreath if you ask me!
You can also find a foam wreath form HERE 
And the same greening pins I used HERE
So here’s what I did:
The bush I trimmed–
Here’s what it looked like before I got started making the wreath. I trimmed the bush stems in lengths between 8-10 inches–
Here are the greening pins I bought. They came in a pack of 50–
The pins are just a big staple that you will use to secure the greenery onto the styrofoam wreath form-
1. Start out by grabbing a few stem lengths from your pile and secure them on to the foam wreath with a greening pin. I stuck the pin in towards the base of the stems. See the picture below of the silver greening pin, circled in blue.

2. After you put a pin towards the base of the stems, put another towards the middle of the stems. I started out by just using 2 or 3 pins per bunch. It’s definitely not rocket science- just make sure they are secure! 🙂

3. Now, start working your way around the wreath, repeating steps 1 & 2 {adding in extra pins if need be} —
4. If your wreath is not “full-looking” enough, use more of the stems to fill in empty spaces. Just make sure to tuck the base of the stems behind the other leafy part of the stems so they are not on top. You only want the loose, leafy parts to show and to cover up the bottom of the stems and the greening pins.
5. When the wreath looks about done, make sure to hold your wreath upright and see if there are any stems that are sagging. Use pins to securely pin all the stems in place. After you are done pinning and filling in empty spaces. Trim the wreath to your desired look. Voila! Your super frugal and beautiful wreath is done!
Here is my finished wreath! It literally took about 20-30 minutes from start to finish. I think it turned out awesome, but don’t look too close, you’ll probably see some greening pins or light green Styrofoam. I’m not an expert at this quite yet…

Just FYI, I used about 45 of the 50 greening pins in the pack. I don’t know if I went overboard, but hey, it was my first time making a wreath like this!

I couldn’t wait to hang it on my yellow door that I painted last summer. I think the wreath is a good contrast to my door, and a fun look for spring! And best of all, it cost me under $10 and I can re-use it once the greenery dies!
Have any questions or comments? Or just want to criticize my wreath making skills? 😉 Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!
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4 thoughts on “Make a Beautiful and Easy Spring wreath for under $10!

  1. Treasure Box says:

    I would love to know what kind of bush that is. Seems like a great bush to plant just so that you can make a Spring wreath every year with the clippings! Very pretty. thanks for sharing.

  2. Janica- Utah Deal Diva says:

    Emily-Thank you!

    Dustin and Kristin–Thank you! What I am going to do, is just take off all the greenery when it's dead. I will keep the foam wreath and greening pins to make another wreath! It hardly damages the foam wreath at all, so there's still plenty of life in it to make a many more wreaths I'm sure!

    Treasure Box– Thank you as well! I am pretty sure it is a boxwood bush. But I could be wrong–I'm not an experienced gardener. You should totally plant some though, I love them!

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