Look! It’s my Beautiful New Pantry!

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I have wonderful news to share with you all- my pantry is DONE! It's no longer in my living room, it's beautiful and organized and I almost don't want to cook for fear of messing it up! Ha!

Here are a few pictures I took. It's difficult to photograph since it is a small, narrow space. The pantry is situated under the stairs and while it actually is decent sized, it was a matter of maximizing that space and making it usable that was the challenge!

The pantry came with the 4 shelves to the right. Not. Enough. Space! So about a year ago we added the shelves on the left hand side. On the right towards the back I had a metal cube organizer that was dying a slow and painful death. It got to the point where the little connectors that held each of the corners together didn't lock anymore, so I only put light stuff on top, things constantly fell off, you get the idea! After a while that just became a hassle, so it needed to go!

The shelving we got is very simple and easily customized. We tried to run the shelves as far back as we could so that I'd have as much space as possible.

I also bought several additional little wire shelves that helped break up larger spaces and made it so that I can stack items for a better fit. The broom, dust pan and other tall cleaning items now have a real home. I also added the plastic wrap/ foil cubby on top to clear some additional space in one of my kitchen drawers.

I also moved the crackers, granola bars and other kid-lunch type items up towards the front so that they'll be easily accessible for my kids. I'm so pleased with the final result! Everything has a place and I actually have more space than I need, which is fantastic!

The tile floor is DONE. We're still putting up some base boards to finish it all off. The bathroom is about 95% done as well and I can't wait to show you all what we did! It looks so different!

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