Limited Time BBQ Sandwiches at Subway + I’m Giving Away Subway Giftcards!

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I had the opportunity to go to Gateway in Salt Lake last Saturday and feel like a total dork while I taste tested an unknown food to me at the time, blindfolded in front of an audience. It was okay though because I was joined by three other bloggers (SLC food radar, Utah Sweet Savings, and Lauryn Cakes) so we were all dorks together! We were given three sandwiches of which we gave our opinion of the taste and flavor of each of them. And let me tell you, it's so weird to eat blindfolded! It totally skews your taste-buds when you can't see something you're eating.


I thought for sure the sandwiches were from a local restaurant, but much to my surprise, they were from Subway! The three sandwiches were from their new BBQ collection and they were amazing! I loved the applewood pulled pork sandwich the very best. It was the first one we were given and it beat them all in my opinion. I don't eat a ton of pork, so I was surprised that I liked that one the best. These sandwiches are only available during the summer, so be sure to try them before they are gone!

Want to eat for free? I'm doing a fun giveaway on my facebook page tomorrow (6/22!) I am giving away 5, $10 giftcards to Subway, so head over there tomorrow and be sure to enter. You have 5 chances to win. Good luck!

I didn't know there was such thing as subman? But here's me and Utah Sweet Savings with him after the taste test. Lots of fun!



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