Learn to Shop at Rite Aid + Plenti Points Explained

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I used to shop at Rite Aid ALL. THE. TIME. I loved it and I loved the +UP rewards. But I got out of the habit, since I don't have a Rite Aid real close to me anymore. Right after I stopped shopping there, they also changed the +UP rewards to Plenti points, and I hadn't taken the time to look into the new Plenti Points program…Until TODAY! I went to Rite Aid and found out all about Plenti points for all of you. They are not hard to understand, you just need to know a few essential things. And they are actually MUCH BETTER than +UP rewards!

Why shop at Rite Aid? 

Rite Aid is a high-priced drugstore, so why, you ask, would anyone shop there? The answer is, they have awesome sales and the Plenti points program. You can literally get something free every single week. And plenty of really cheap things too. However, you have to know that things are usually cheap or free after the Plenti points are taken into account. Read on to find out about Plenti points…


What are Plenti Points? 

  • Plenti points are given when you buy specific things at Rite Aid. They can be redeemed the next day.
  • For every 100 points, it equals $1. They are exactly like in-store credit and can be used like cash for anything in the store (except tobacco, alcohol, or stamps.)
  • You must have at least 200 Plenti points to redeem them.
  • They do not expire for 2 years! {+UP rewards used to expire after two weeks. This is much better!}

Plenti points can be redeemed at Rite Aid, but you can also use them at Macy's, Exxon Mobil (for gas!), or at AT&T. So, you can earn Plenti points at any of these retailers and use them at Rite Aid, or earn Plenti points at Rite Aid and use them at these retailers. Make sense?

Just to give you an example, this week if you buy $15 worth of Nivea or Eucerin items, you will receive 500 Plenti points. That will equal $5 of in-store credit you can use starting the next day. So if you earned those 500 Plenti points from buying $15 worth of Nivea at Rite Aid, you could redeem that $5 worth of points at Rite Aid, or take them to Exxon Mobil and use them for gas (or use them at AT&T or Macy's!) Remember, the points are not available to use until the next day.


How do you get a Plenti Points card?

It's easy. You can either get it at Rite Aid stores from a cashier, or sign up online, and the card will get mailed to you. Make sure to activate the card to be able to start using your Plenti points. There is also a Plenti points app, which has extra savings and Plenti points offers. I saw in my app, that there was a 200 Plenti points bonus if you buy $10 or more worth of gas at Exxon Mobil. That's like getting $2 off gas!

How do you save money at Rite Aid? 

Use your coupons on sale items, and then get even more back with Plenti points. Makes for some awesome deals! The above Rite Aid receipt image is an example of what I bought today, and the points I received. This is what I did:

Bought (6) Nivea Lip Balm or Lip Butter, $2.50 each

Buy $15 worth of Nivea or Eucerin items, receive 500 Plenti Points 

Used (3) $3/2 Nivea Lip Balm or Lip Butter coupon from SS 10/25/15 (exp. 11/21/15)

Paid $7.03 (including the tax), got 500 Plenti Points back (or $5 worth)

Final Price: $2.03 for 6 lip balms or butters, or $0.33 each!


Use Plenti Points to get FREE stuff!


When you factor in Plenti points, you can get free stuff all the time at Rite Aid. Take the above picture as an example. When you buy 2 Conair or Scunci items, you will receive 300 plenti points ($3 worth.) If you buy the Scunci Barettes pictured, you will get 2 for free after Plenti points.

Buy (2) Scunci Kids' Plastic Barrette, 20 ct $1.49, regular price

Buy 2, Receive 300 ($3 Worth) Plenti Points through 10/31, Limit 2

Pay $2.98, Receive 300 Plenti Points

Final Price: Free after Plenti Points



Rain Checks: Your Secret Saving Weapon at Rite Aid

Today I went to Rite Aid to get the Nivea Shave Foam, which will be free after coupons and Plenti Points. They were out of it, so I got a rain check! This happens quite often at Rite Aid, but if you are patient and get a rain check, you can still get the great deal. Ask a cashier for a rain check and they will gladly give you one. The nice thing about Rite Aid's rain checks, is they factor in the Plenti points you would have received, into the bottom line price. So, they will take the Plenti points dollar amount off of the rainchecked item, just as if you would have gotten Plenti points for them. I like to cut out the product from the ad, and paper clip it to my rain check with the coupons I want to use. This way, there is no confusion for you or the cashier, of what deal you should be getting. Here is the Nivea shave foam deal:

Buy (2) Nivea For Men Sensitive Shaving Foam or Gel, $2.99-$4.99

Buy One Get One 50% off Promotion

Get 300 ($3 worth) Plenti Points when you buy 2 Select Nivea items, Limit 2 

Use (1) $2.00/1 Nivea Men Face Care or Aftershave Item or (2) Shave Gel or Foam Items, from SS 10/25/15 (exp 11/21) 

Pay $2.48 OOP, Get 300 ($3 worth) Plenti Points when you buy 2 Select Nivea items

Final Price: as low as Free + $0.52 Moneymaker


I hope this helped clear up thte Plenti Points program and how to shop at Rite Aid. Go here to get your Plenti points card and start saving at Rite Aid!









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