Lazy One Outlet In Logan–$5 Kids’ Pajama Sets + More!

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I have heard about the Lazy One outlet for years from friends, but have never made it up there. Last Saturday, I finally went and am glad I did–I found some good stuff!  For all of you that don't know what Lazy One is, it is a brand that is sold at gift shops and stores around the country at places like Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Alaska, etc. They are good quality clothes and pajamas, and the outlet has crazy good prices in comparison to their retail price!


The first front half on the store has stuff at pretty close to retail, and not that great of prices. But the back half of the store has super closeout deals. Like $5 pajama sets for kids, $7 women's pajama pants, $3 onesies, $1 socks, and other cheap stuff!


I picked up some pajama sets for my 2 year old. When I went, they didn't have a huge selection for 4+ year olds. It was mostly stuff for 3 years old and younger. However, it just depends. They may have more selection of bigger sizes when you go.





The slippers pictured here were $10.





These rainboots were $10.


The Lazy One is located at 2885 N 200 W, North Logan, UT 84341, and is open from 10 am-6 pm. Next time you are up that way, make sure to stop and pick up some great stuff for your kids or grandkids!


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5 thoughts on “Lazy One Outlet In Logan–$5 Kids’ Pajama Sets + More!

  1. Trisha F says:

    Holy cow- we bought Lazy One jammies for Christmas last year in Park City and I almost died at the price of clothes we all grew out of so fast. I HAVE TO GET UP TO LOGAN! Awesome.

    • Janica says:

      No they don’t. It is just an outlet inside their headquarters, which happens to be in Logan. Worth stopping next time you are up that way though!

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