Last Weekend for DownEast 21% off Sale & Visit the new store in Tooele!

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The DownEast Anniversary sale ends tomorrow, so this is the last weekend to save an additional 21% off  sale items, their new Fall line- everything! This sale is valid both in-store and online, too!

Last week I had the chance to visit the new DownEast store in Tooele during a Blogger's Social. You can only imagine how long the dressing room line was with a store full of Mama Bloggers! Boy do we love to shop.

I was so excited to try on all the Fall line items I saw in their latest catalog. I'm a fairly simple dresser and sometimes I look at the catalog items and think, There's no way I can pull that off! Then I try it on at the store and you know what- it looks cute!

I got this Lace Lovers Tee- {which is only $13.42 after discount!} and am so pleased with it. I default to jeans and a t-shirt, so when I try and dress up a bit, sometimes the end result just makes me feel uncomfortable. My solution? Cute tops like this that go over your t-shirt and dress the look up a few notches! It's so soft and I love the way it looks.

I also got this Staggered Style Skirt, which was another fun surprise. See, to be honest, I didn't think it looked like much on the hanger. {See it in the very top picture? Right there in the front.} However I happen to walk by it and just touched it and oh my it was so soft. It's like a t-shirt I wear as a skirt! Ha! See, I really do default to jeans and t-shirts. At any rate, I tried it on and fell in love. It's the most comfortable pencil skirt I own! I do suggest you wear a size smaller than normal as I felt it ran big. It's a little stretchy and has great shape once it's on.

See all the cute items DownEast has right now. And any Tooele-ites among us- go visit your new DownEast store!

**Thanks to DownEast for sponsoring the Blogger's Social Event in Tooele this past week. They gave us a tour, showed us some cute clothes then gave us a gift card to do some shopping. 

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