Last Day to Order Newspaper for Thanksgiving Day Delivery!

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 Deseret News or Salt Lake Tribune Subscription: Go here to order

The Thanksgiving Day paper is one of the best newspapers of the year because of the Black Friday Ads. If you are wanting to get one for yourself, today (11/13) is the last day to order for ensured Thanksgiving day delivery. When you order the Sunday paper only, you receive the Thanksgiving day paper as well, even thought it’s on a Thursday, just so you are aware of that. I can get you the best deal on the Sunday only and Weekend edition. If you are wanting the paper everyday, the promotion I offer does not include that option. The deal I can get you is for Sunday only, or you can upgrade to the weekend edition. Both the Sunday only and weekend edition will get the Thanksgiving day paper.

You can get up to 4 copies of the Sunday paper.

Here are current prices:

(1 paper) Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News: $20.00/ year (it works out to $0.38 per week)

(2 papers) Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News: $40.00/ year

(3 papers) Salt Lake Tribune and/or Deseret News: $60.00/year

(4 papers) Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News: $80.00/year for all 4 papers

You can also add on a weekend edition (comes Fri-Sun) to any paper subscription for an extra $19.00/ year.

Go here to order

Please read these terms carefully:

All home delivery subscriptions will include the Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015 edition, which will be charged at $3.00. If Thursday delivery is not part of the subscription package, the Thanksgiving edition will be included at the cost of $3.00. In addition, all home delivery subscriptions will include special editions charged at $3.00, and NO MORE THAN THREE additional SPECIAL EDITIONS will be charged to the subscribers account at $3.00 each. To opt out of any mentioned holiday delivery and/or special editions, please contact customer service at 801-204-6100. Receiving these special editions will cause your selected billing term to be shorter.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing of your new order.  It would be safe to call and opt out of Special Edition Delivery after you’ve received your first paper.



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