*LAST DAY TO DONATE* Operation Christmas Child–Just $5.00 Buys 2 Boxes!!

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This morning I saw a video on facebook about Operation Christmas Child, where people donate shoe boxes full of stuff that get shipped to 3rd world countries and give to children for Christmas. And coincidentally,  I happened upon one of my affiliates that is putting together boxes for this charity with only a $5.00 donation, plus they will match your donation and give another.  So that means your $5.00 donation will give a box to 2 kids! If you want to donate more, you are absolutely able to do that too. THE DEADLINE IS TODAY!


If you're not familiar with this charity and haven't seen the video yet, you can watch it here. I was so touched by this! I donated today using my PayPal account (makes it super easy)! I showed my two little boys the video and even asked them if they wanted to donate $5 from their piggy banks. They were so happy to give just a little to touch another little boy's life!

It is so awesome that this company (ThatDailyDeal.com) is willing to put these together. To learn more, you can visit Operation Christmas Child's Website here.  If you would rather put boxes together yourself, you can go here to check out donation drop off locations. Keep in mind, the donation drop-off deadline is Nov. 21.

If you don't have time to put these boxes together yourself, you should consider donating! That is what I did this year. Next year I want to put boxes together myself!

Go Here To Donate $5.00 To Give To Operation Christmas Child! 




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