Kodiak Cakes Pancake Mix, 4.5 lbs, only $12.72! {This is the BEST pancake mix I have ever tried}

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Kodiak Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix, Butter Milk and Honey, 4.5 lbs.(3 packs of 24 oz.), only $14.97

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Save 15% with 5 or more subscriptions = $12.72–same price as Costco!
I have to tell you guys, this Kodiak pancake mix is the best I have ever had. Seriously! It is made by two guys from Park City. They actually got their start on Shark Tank, so you may of heard of them. Anyway, my husband and I bought this the other week at Costco and I am super impressed with it. I have to say again, it is the BEST pancake mix I have ever used. You only have to add water (or milk) and it makes a really quick, healthy pancake! It gets 5 stars on Amazon and has 870 reviews, so that says a lot right there! 
Here are the ingredients: 
And here is a picture of ones I just made this morning and added blueberries. AMAZING! 
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