Kids’ World Book, Only $4.99, Shipped! ($18 Value)

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Right now, World book is offering a special promotion where you can get your first book FREE!  You must pay shipping and handling, which is $4.99. If you choose, you can also get a second book for just $6.25 more, making it only $11.24 for two books, shipped. These books retail for $18 each, so this is a great deal! I could not find anywhere where it told you what book exactly it will be, but it will be from the Learning Ladders series for the New Explorers, and the Building Blocks series for the Junior Explorers.

**Before getting this offer please read the NOTE below.

There are two separate offers you can get: 


World Book New Explorers: Learning Ladders Book, FREE

Shipping $4.99

Final Price: $4.99, shipped


World Book Junior Explorers: Building Blocks Book, FREE

Shipping $4.99

Final Price: $4.99, shipped


**NOTE: Keep in mind, by getting this offer, you are signing up for a subscription that will continue to charge you $29.99 a month if you don't cancel. You can easily cancel your subscription by calling in or logging into your account on their website. You will receive an email with the info to contact them after you place your order. 

I have personally found these types of offers to be painless. You just have to remember to cancel if you don't want to keep receiving the subscription. Set a reminder in your phone, and make sure to keep the email they send you, so you can follow up on it.




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