Just Between Friends Northern UT Consignment Sale- Awesome!

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I was able to go to the Just Between Friends Consignment sale here in Farmington this evening! Sales like this are so much fun. The public sale begins tomorrow at 9am. If you're having a baby and need some baby gear, clothes, toys or pretty much anything baby related- you need to head over there tomorrow and take a look! I've been to the sale in the past and was impressed with how much more stuff they had this year. It seems like in the past they had a ton of infant clothes. That's still true this year, but wow- they had quite a bit of bigger kids clothes and shoes as well.

The prices are mostly reasonable. Each seller prices items themselves and while most are consistent, every once in a while you'll find something priced way too high, which can be slightly frustrating. On Saturday at 9am they mark everything down half price- it might be worth it to wait until then to get all those super-cute-but-overpriced items!

I saw several items that really caught my eye. I didn't buy them all. {My husband would have killed me…or at least taken my allowance away, 😉 }My sister-in-law Raz got a box of Duplo Legos for $5. FIVE dollars! I even met the gal who was selling it- such a nice woman to sell us her Legos. The toys all looked like they were in such great condition and they were certainly priced to sell. 

I previously bought the half price $20 voucher on Plum District, so factoring that in, I got a fantastic deal on the items I purchased. You can see everything I came home with above- all for $30! Pair of boys 10 Slim pants- $2.50, 4-piece boys slacks/button up shirt/ vest, tie- $6, girls fleece vest w/ pink turtleneck- $6, helmet- $5, girls jeans- $3, boys button-up shirts- $3, girls mary jane shoes- $2.50. Altogether it was 15 items for $30, or about $2 each! Even without the PD voucher it would have been a great deal!

You can find more info about the Layton Just Between Friends Consignment sale here, as well as on their Facebook page! If you were there tonight or plan to shop tomorrow- let me know what you think! I'd love to hear about the great deals you scored!

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One thought on “Just Between Friends Northern UT Consignment Sale- Awesome!

  1. Kellie says:

    Glad you posted this on your blog — I was up at the sale today, as a consignor. But this is my 3rd sale, and this one definitely had the most stuff available! Tons of great toys and baby stuff, Halloween costumes, etc. I recommend anyone with kids check it out!

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