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I have another great deal for you from Julie Taggart Photography! Two years have gone by since our last family photo session with Julie so it's about time to take more, right? I mean, we added another baby, kids have aged, plus now I don't have to worry about that picture to put in the holiday cards. That's a huge bonus in my opinion!

If you're still taking pictures in a traditional studio setting, I'm once again going to suggest you re-think that idea. There's something about cramming everyone plus the photo equipment in a small space and yelling, Smile! that just creates stress. Is it just me? I know I've emerged from more than one studio photo session with a few additional gray hairs.

The on location, more candid types of family photos are so popular right now! I love all the character they add and how each family's personality gets to really be on display.

I've worked with Julie Taggart Photography before and as always, she did a tremendous job. Our 4 kids ages 10 months to 9 years did great-  we had no tears, no fights and although we left hungry, we were still as happy as when we arrived. It was amazing. Having good memories from a family photo shoot is such a new thing for me, I can't get over it!

Julie has 5 kids of her own {plus one on the way- go Julie!} so she's a pro at getting kids to relax, smile and enjoy themselves. She has a great eye for creating unique yet classic photos that you can't wait to hang on the wall. As a matter of fact, I think I'll be hanging a few around the house because I can't choose just one to display! We took these pictures at Fort Douglas in SLC and loved the setting! It had a great mix of city-shots and greenery. We opted for more city shots, as you can tell!

Julie is offering Utah Deal Diva readers a $35 discount on her 1-hour, on location sessions if you book before October 20th. Her pricing even includes some touch-up on the best shots. In the end you get a disc full of pictures to do what you'd like with!

Contact Julie at taggartphotography@gmail.com to schedule a session! Thank you Julie!

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2 thoughts on “Julie Taggart Photography Fall Discount

  1. Anonymous says:

    Julie was amazing and very easy to work with for my graduation pictures. She was very upbeat and the prices are great for amount of work and quality that she gives you. AMAZING!!! call and book her today.. you will not regret it!!!

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