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Untitled (98)I have been wanting to do this for some time, but I decided today is the day! Aside from my main Utah Deal Diva facebook page that I will keep doing everyday, I wanted to open up a new group for all of us here in Utah to be a real coupon community that helps each other out as fellow couponers. It is called the Utah Deal Diva Coupon Community. I love finding deals of all kind, but couponing is my true passion and I LOVE it. Because I am just one person and can’t be at every store around Utah, I thought it would be awesome to open up a group where all of you can go and post about the wonderful deals you may find.

My idea for this page is that it will be for when you find a great deal at the store, say Smith’s, and you post, “I found Huggies on clearance at the Brigham City Smith’s. I used this coupon, and paid this much.” And I would also like you to include a picture too, if possible!  I have opened up the group (that already has over 1,000 members!) so that anyone can post on the page. I will be the admin, and there a few rules I want to implement:

What to post on the UDD Coupon Community Page:

  • Deals you find at any Utah store (i.e.Smith’s, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Associated Foods, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Dollar tree, etc.)–any store!
  • Remember to post with pictures (if possible), location, price, and coupon used (if applicable). These can be deals on groceries, clothes, toys, electronics–anything, really!
  • Ask questions about couponing
  • Deals or coupons you find for local businesses or restaurants
  • Free or cheap family events happening in Utah
  • Coupons you are in need of or want to trade, etc.

What NOT to post on UDD Coupon Community Page:

  • Online Deals–You know I love online deals, but this is not my intention for this page. If you have an online deal you are dying to tell people about, please message or email me.
  • Work from home opportunities
  • Do not promote your own small business (please contact me if you would like an advertising opportunity on Utah Deal Diva)
  • No spam of any kind–you will be deleted from the group
  • Absolutely no selling of any kind

**If you do not abide by the rules of the page, I reserve the right to delete your post and block you from the group. If you are unsure if it is appropriate for the page, just message me and I will help you decide. 

Join the UDD Coupon Community group here!

I hope you are all as excited as me for this group. I’d love to start seeing some awesome posts from all of you! Happy couponing!









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