Join my Stockpile Challenge! Build your stockpile with me–I’ll find all the deals for you!

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I just can’t stress enough how building and maintaining a “stockpile” is the KEY to saving with coupons. There are too many times to count of when I needed something for dinner, a party, a youth activity, a wedding present, a baby shower present–you name it–I have been able to go to my stockpile without having to go to the store. Not to mention, my year supply of toilet paper I built up a couple months ago!! (I’m pretty proud of that one) Because of my stockpile, I have literally saved thousands of dollars.

Here’s the Challenge:

I want to share the JOY of having storage with all of you. I want to challenge each of you to build and grow a stockpile. Pretty soon the next time you need toothpaste, you’ll be going to that stockpile and not the store!  Look for the article each week called “what to add to your stockpile this week.” Also look for the #addtoyourstockpile tag.

Why should you take this challenge? Because you need to constantly be building, replenishing, and adding to your stockpile to save MONEY. As couponers, we don’t just go out and buy stuff full price to add to our storage. We find items that are SUPER cheap (sometimes FREE) to add to it. How will you do it? With coupons of course! And watching for sales. Except I’ll do all the hard work for you. You just have to come back each week to see what I’ve added. And then go get it at the store. I’m excited for this!!

If you want to embark on this Stockpile challenge, you will need to get the Sunday newspaper (1 paper per family member, but can only order up to 4) and have access to printing coupons. 

Every couponer will tell you they either have a stockpile, or had to cut back adding to it because they had so much stuff…but are now running out of stuff and wish they would have kept building it up! Am I right?!

Leave a comment if you will be doing this challenge with me. Each week I will post what to buy and what coupons to use. These likely will be things I’m adding to my very own stockpile. 🙂

And please, please, please, if you see a deal you want to share, send me the details via email or message me on facebook. I am only one person with one set of eyes, so the more you send in, the more we can help each other out. Thanks!

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23 thoughts on “Join my Stockpile Challenge! Build your stockpile with me–I’ll find all the deals for you!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will accept your challenge!! I have not couponed in over 6 yrs, it's time to start again! I'm looking forward to it thank you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I will definitely do this challenge! I need the years supply of TP! I've got my laundry soap for a while, but things run out really quick at my house! We have 7 people to take care of! I don't coupon enough and need to do more! Thanks for this!

  3. JanicaUDD says:

    Wow guys! I'm excited for this! Those wanting a newspaper, click on the image on my sidebar that says "order cheap newspapers".

    jmberg2007–I'm sorry, I can't get them shipped. I wish!

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