Is the Disney Movie Club Membership Worth it?

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A few years ago, I kept getting Disney Club offers in the mail. I had wondered if it was worth it, so I looked into it. I decided to join, and overall I think it was a great program (I did it over three years ago.) However, there are some vital things you need to be aware of that I will discuss in this article.

What is the Disney Movie Program?

The Disney movie program allows you to get 4 DVD movies for $1, shipped. Plus, you will also get a free Disney Lunch Tote. Then you are under obligation to then buy 5 more titles at full price within a 2-year period. However, you can buy a 5th title at a discounted price at the time of purchasing the first 4, making it so you only have to purchase 4 more titles within the next two years. If you take the steps below, you will end up spending a total of $111.55 (may be slightly more depending on what movies you choose) for 9 DVD’s or $12.39 per movie. Not bad considering that it includes new titles. And it’s nice that you have 2 full years to buy the next 4 movies.

How to get the best deal with Disney Movie Club:

1. Join the club. Go here and click where it says “Have a promotion code?” in the upper right hand corner. Since there is not one, click “Don’t have a code? Join here.” This will allow you to get 4 movies for $1 total, shipped.

2. At the same time of purchasing your first 4, opt in to get the 5th movie for $14.95. This goes towards your 5 movie obligation and allows you to pay less than if you wait. Don’t get the 6th movie because it does not go towards your 5 movie obligation. Your first order will cost $15.95 for 5 DVDs.

3. Every month you will receive a featured title packet in the mail. This is where you HAVE TO BE AWARE. When you get this packet, MAKE SURE that you go in to your account within ten days (it can be done online) and decline the title if you don’t want it. Otherwise, they will send it to you and bill you.

4. Buy the rest of the 4 movies you are obligated to buy as slow, or as quickly as you’d like within the 2-year period. (But just be aware of the details in #3.) After you have bought the rest of your movies, (if you don’t want to keep getting featured title packets) make sure to call in and cancel. This can be done over the phone, and I personally have done this with no problem.

I have now been getting the Disney Movie Club offers again in the mail, asking me to come back, and honestly I think I will. It is a great way to get Disney movies for less if it is done right! 

Want more details? Go here and click “membership details” on the left hand side. 

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3 thoughts on “Is the Disney Movie Club Membership Worth it?

  1. JanicaUDD says:

    I figured the shipping cost in on the additional 4 required DVDs. Your very first order of the 5 DVDs (if you choose 5) will all ship free. It is $15.95 total for the first shipment of 5 DVDs. That is why I suggest buying that 5th one upfront because it is cheaper and ships free as well.

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