Is Boredom All That Bad?

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If you've read my blog for even a few weeks, you'll know I love to share free, family events that are great for young children. School is out and as the days heat up, we all need something to occupy our time!

However, even though I share tons of events throughout the year, I think many of you would be surprised that our days are not jammed packed with stuff. Really. My kids find bugs in the backyard and think of yet another fun way to play with bounce balls and bubbles. We have quiet time every afternoon where we read books. Some would say our life is pretty boring, but for us, it works! {I like the term simple much better!}

Several years ago I read a fantastic book called Parenting with Love and Logic. Since reading it, I subscribed to the free weekly emails and enjoy reading the parenting tips in my inbox. I hope you don't mind me sharing the tip from today; it just really resonated with me.

If you've ever spent time around kids, you've certainly heard, “This is boring!” or “I'm bored. There’s nothing to do.”

In days gone by, most parents had extremely simple, practical, and effective responses to such whining:

“Here’s a rake.”
“Here’s a dust cloth.”
“There are a lot of weeds that need to be pulled.”
“I guess I haven’t given you enough chores to do.”

Is that really legal? Could it really be so simple? Is it really okay for us to expect our children to assume personal responsibility for coping with dull times?

Absolutely! Since life is sometimes boring, doesn't it make sense that we allow our children to practice handling it, instead of constantly rescuing them by providing exciting and fun activities?

Do you want your children to grow up believing that it is somebody else's job to keep them entertained and happy? Or would you rather raise youngsters who know that the best way to feel good is to do something good?

I think we'd all opt for the latter! So in the next few weeks, if you happen to hear “I'm bored” just smile and offer one of the suggestions above. Have a fun summer, participate in some of the free activities, but also remember: a bit of boredom now and then isn't going to hurt anyone. Boredom begets creativity!

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One thought on “Is Boredom All That Bad?

  1. The Mom @ Babes in Hairland says:

    I totally agree! Kids need to be creative & have imaginations as well as work! Too many kids now a days are always reaching for an electronic devise for entertainment when they have all they need in their heads – their imagination! Our fridge recently died & I was so bummed when the new fridge was delivered in plastic & Styrofoam. I'd hoped it'd be in a big box for my kids to play in, as I still have the fondest memories of summers playing in big fridge boxes, building forts & having all kinds of adventures!

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