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I still offer the group discount rate on Sunday papers! We are so lucky here in Utah that we can get Sunday newspapers so cheap. I am able to get you all the Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News for only $20 per paper, per year and you can order up to 4 newspapers. They will only come on Sunday. They recently changed things around a bit, and you can now conveniently order online right here and get my group discount rate.

Here are your options for this Newspaper Deal:

Option #1: 1 Paper, Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News, Sunday Only, $20 

Option #2: 2 Papers, Combo of Salt Lake Tribune and/or Deseret News, Sunday Only, $40 

Option #3: 3 Papers, Combo of Salt Lake Tribune and/or Deseret News, Sunday Only, $60 

Option #4: 4 Papers, 2 Salt Lake Tribune and 2 Deseret News, Sunday Only, $80

*You can also add one weekend edition for an extra $19 per year (This will come Friday-Sunday.) You can choose this option when ordering here.

Go Here To Get The Discounted Newspaper 

NOTE: You must be a new customer (not had the papers within 30 days) to get this deal. When your year is up, they will send you a renewal notice in the mail, and you must call in and cancel, then re-sign up 30 days later if you want to get this deal again. After the year, they will bump the price up a lot if you don’t do this. You will get your paper the second Sunday after you sign up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: They send out special edition newspapers (sent out about 12 times a year) that cost $3.00/paper no matter what rate you signed up with. They will not charge your card extra, but this will significantly decrease your subscription time. If you do not want to this to happen, you need to call in and OPT-OUT of special editions. This can be done after you receive your first paper. Call them at 801-204-6100. 




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