I refilled my chives for .33!

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One more thing I forgot to mention about my trip to Winco- I refilled my chives for only .33! I recently highlighted how incredible Winco's bulk spice section is– here's proof!

This cheap-o container of chives costs $1 at Walmart. I refilled the entire thing, plus have a bit leftover- all for .33!

You can go here to read more about my price comparison between Winco bulk spices and Walmart's prices. Walmart's inexpensive spices suddenly aren't that cheap anymore…
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One thought on “I refilled my chives for .33!

  1. The George's says:

    I love their spices. I refilled about 10 of mine last week for under $3. My Basil cost $.11. Not too shabby. Even if I'm not out, I've started replacing my spices every six months. It really does make a difference in flavor and doesn't hurt my pocket book.

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