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Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for all of you and your continued readership of my blog. I love finding deals and it is a true passion of mine! I love hearing all the positive feedback you give to me, and I am truly so thankful for all of you. I would not be able to keep spending hours and hours each day finding deals if you did not keep coming back.

This blog has blessed my family, and I am so thankful for each of you!

Many of you may not know, but the way this blog is supported financially is through all of you clicking through my links. I receive a very small percentage of your purchase when you click on certain links (at no extra cost to you.) If you all did not do this, I literally would not be able to do this blog. I spend roughly 20-30+ hours each week on this site. And during Black Friday, that is more like 8-10 hours a day of finding deals. The truth is, if I was not making money, it would not make sense for me to do this. So again, thank you for your continued support! You are the ones that keep the deals going!

So you may be wondering what I am frustrated about—

Many of you come to my blog from facebook when I post an awesome deal. However, facebook over the past week has drastically reduced the number of people they serve my posts to (and I have talked with lots of my fellow bloggers that are seeing this!) This is a frustration because I am spending hours and hours finding deals for black friday, and about 1-10% of my facebook followers are seeing my posts. A lot of the really good deals are literally reaching a few people. It is very strange!

So, if you are wanting to see the deals that are going on today (a lot of Black Friday deals are starting early, like today!) and on black friday/cyber monday, please add yourself to the new black friday/cyber monday group page I have created on facebook. This will ensure that you see the deals. Also, if you want to start seeing more deals on my main page, make sure to like and comment so you can see more, and others can see it too! (Facebook serves posts to more people when there is a lot of interaction on them.) There’s nothing more frustrating than putting tons of hours into something and no one ever sees it!

I will be posting literally all day long on black friday, and there are going to be awesome deals that go fast! So make sure to add yourself to this group.

I hope you all have a relaxing and wonderful Thanksgiving. I will not be posting anything tomorrow on Thanksgiving, but will be up first thing in the morning on Friday posting.





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3 thoughts on “I am Thankful for all of you! PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM ME!

  1. Lena says:

    I’ve wondered how you do this because I know you are putting tons of hours. I’m glad you are compensated for it. Your hard work has blessed my family greatly! Thank you and I will do more to share the love.

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