How to sign up for the Smith’s my extras program to be able to load the HOT offer of the week.

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There has been a lot of reader questions and confusion about how to load the Smith’s my extras HOT offer of the week.

See this comment by reader Sarah:

“Everytime I try to load one of these “hot” extra coupons to my card, I can’t. I’ve never been able to load one… and this one {the 32 oz. Kroger cheese offer} is no exception. Does anyone else have this trouble?”

A while back, this was also a frustrating thing for me, and I couldn’t figure out how to load it! Here is the answer!

How to sign up for mySmith’s extras

1. Sign up for the mySmith’s extras program HERE.

2. Wait for the weekly email (usually comes on Wednesdays) that gives you the direct link to the HOT offer of the week.

3. Load the offer to your card. It will automatically come off at checkout.

Hope that helps! Leave a comment of any other questions you may have about it.


Go here to see this week’s HOT offer of the week

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