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While Rite Aid might seem like a mediocre store, sale wise, it's actually a fantastic place to shop when you use coupons! Here is some basic information to get you started saving money each week.

Single Check Rebates

Each week, Rite Aid offers discounts on certain items via Single Check Rebates {abbreviated SCR.} This rebate program is quite possibly the easiest out there as you don't have to mail anything in. Simply go here and create an account. Save your login and password information somewhere handy because you'll be accessing this page each time you shop at Rite Aid!

You can see what rebates are offered online here, as well as in the weekly ad. Most rebate offers are only valid for 1 week, beginning on Sunday and ending the following Saturday. There is most often also a limit of 1 SCR submitted for a certain item. However, there has been the random rebate that lasts all month and has a limit of 3 or 4, so keep an eye on the fine print!

After you shop, come home, sign in and click, “Enter Receipt.” You'll be prompted to enter 4 pieces of information from your receipt: the store number, transaction number, register number and date. After that, your rebate information will take 2-3 days to process, then it will be available online for you to view. Rite Aid will send you email updates regarding the status of your receipt information.

Rebates come in the form of a check that can be either used at Rite Aid, or deposited into your bank account like any other check! Rite Aid will only send out 1 rebate check per rebate period, which usually last about a month. If you shop there weekly, you'll enter your receipts each week, then after the rebate period ends, you can request your check online by clicking the “Request check” button. If you enter your receipts and forget to request your check, Rite Aid will automatically send it to you after 2 months. Just don't forget to enter your receipt information!

Store Coupons

Rite Aid generally has a number of store coupons available that can be combined with manufacturers coupons. Although Rite Aid coupons say “Manufacturers Coupons” on them, they're easy to distinguish as the bar code begins with “RC” and there is no reimbursement address on the coupon.

Some store coupons are available in store via fliers and booklets, whereas others can be obtained through the Rite Aid Video Values program online. This requires a separate log in and password, but it's worth it in my opinion! Through this program, you can go online and watch 30 second- 2 minute commercials for products featured that month at Rite Aid. Each video is worth 1-2 credits. When you watch enough videos to earn 20 credits, you'll be able to print a series of store coupons representing the videos you watched. You'll also be able to print a handy $5 off $20 purchase coupon! Each month the videos change and reset, as does the $5/$20 coupon! If you're a Rite Aid shopper, this program is worth your time and effort in coupons.

There is also a $5 off a $25 purchase store coupon available online for shoppers to print. This coupon has been available on or, or sometimes it's offered as a PDF from the Rite Aid website. This coupon is incredibly valuable as it lowers your OOP {out-of-pocket} cost and just makes great deals even better!

Shopping Strategies

There are a couple of ways to maximize your savings at Rite Aid. Their normal prices are quite inflated, so try to just stick to purchasing SCR items. If there is a rebate available all month for a certain product, instead of rushing out to buy it, wait for a sale! Most often there are also coupons available for these items. By combining all three money saving methods- the sale, rebate and coupon, you can almost always get items for FREE each week! Here's an example:

Huggies Diapers, on sale for $8.99

  • Single Check Rebate for $3 also offered
  • Coupon for $2 off available to print
  • Final price after sale, rebate and coupon: $3.99!

Now let's take it one step further! Each week I construct “Deal Scenarios” for the best offers at Rite Aid. I generally try and create scenarios to the amount of $25, so that we can use the hot $5/$25 coupons that's often available! This strategy really maximizes savings and most often results in actually making money at Rite Aid! For example, let's say the following deals are available in a given week:

Dove Men +Care Body and Face Wash, on sale for $4.00

  • Use the $1.50/1 coupon available to print here
  • Single Check Rebate for $4 offered
  • Final cost: FREE + a $1.50 moneymaker!

Theraflu Cold Medicine, on sale for $4.99

  • Use $2/1 coupon from 12/6 SS or available to print here
  • Single Check Rebate of $3 offered
  • Final cost: FREE

Complete Multi Purpose Contact Solution, $7.99

  • Use $1/1 coupon from the 10/25 RP
  • Single Check Rebate of $7.99 offered
  • Final cost: FREE + $1 moneymaker

Huggies Diapers, on sale for $8.99

  • Use $2/1 coupon available to print
  • Single Check Rebate for $3 also offered
  • Final price after sale, rebate and coupon: $3.99!

If you purchase one of each item in a transaction, your total amount will be $25.97. You'll first hand over the $5 off $25 purchase coupon, since your total exceeds $25. Then you'll hand over your remaining 4 coupons, totaling $6.50. Now your total has dropped to $14.47.

When you come home, enter your receipt information here and once your receipt has processed, you'll see you're eligible to receive $17.99 in rebates! Now you only paid $14.47 plus tax, but you'll be getting $17.99 back in the form of a check, so essentially you got all 4 items for FREE, plus made a bit of money!

Yes, this just an example, however scenarios like this happen all the time! It's very, very easy to get FREE toiletries at Rite Aid every month.


If you want further clarification on anything, you can see the official Rite Aid coupon policy here. You can also submit a question here, or call 1-800-RITEAID.

Or, leave me a comment and I'll see if I can help!

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    I just moved here from out of state where we don't have a Rite Aid. I have been asking around to figure out how there program works. Thank you thank you thank you!

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