How to Save Money on Gas

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I have a lot of people ask me why I don't do my shopping at Walmart when they will price match just about any store.  My answer….they don't help me save money on gas.  Shopping at Smith's does!

I save lots of money every week by shopping at Smith's.  They have great sales, great produce, great meat department, fast checkout, and friendly cashier's! Plus, every dollar I spend (before coupons, I might ad) turns into a point.  Those points accumulate and I can redeem those points at the gas pump to save up to a $1.00 a gallon!  Since December 31st, I've already saved over $600 at the gas pump! That's crazy!  It ads up quickly!

If you're not taking advantage of this great program, you should be!  Here's how it works:

When you shop at Smith's with your Fresh Value's Card you accumulate points.  1 point for every $1, before coupons!  In my last shopping trip here, I only spent $75 but I earned 123 points! Your points will accumulate for a month. When the new month starts, your points start over.  The points you earn in one particular month will expire at the end of the next month.  For example, in February I earned 687 points.  I have until March 31st to redeem those points.

For each 100 points you earn you get a $.10 fuel reward.  If you earn 600 points, that's a $.60 fuel reward, etc.  You can earn up to 1000 points which is equal to a $1.00 per gallon fuel reward.  There is a cap of 35 gallons of gas that you can apply the reward too.  Just know that once you redeem your fuel rewards, the reward is gone.  So if you have a $1 fuel reward available, use it when your tank is empty, or bring both of your cars and fill them both up on the same transaction!

At the gas pump be sure to scan your fresh value's card, or put in your phone number.  The screen will tell you if you have fuel rewards available and you can choose to use all of it, none of it, or change the amount.  Let's say your tank is on 3/4 full and you need to fill up, in this case I might choose to use no fuel rewards, saving them for later when I have an empty tank.

There are additional ways to earn fuel points.  Sometimes they will run special promotions to get 2x, 3x, or 4x the fuel rewards when buying certain products in store. Or, 2x's, 3x, or even up to 4x's the Fuel Rewards when you purchase any gift cards from their gift card center!  This is where it gets exciting!  The secret to getting the $1.00 per gallon is buying giftcards.  There are several gift cards that you can purchase through their gift card center.  Some of my favorites:

Home Depot
Babies R Us
Old Navy
Olive Garden
If you plan on shopping or eating at any of these locations in the near future, go to Smith's and buy the gift cards.  If you are going to eat at Subway and shop on Amazon anyways, why not save money on gas?
They usually run these promotions a few times a year, including around Christmas time.  We do a lot, if not all, of our Christmas shopping on Amazon.  So what do we do?  We buy Amazon gift cards at Smith's, apply them to our Amazon account and shop away.  Then we fill up both of our cars and save $1 per gallon!
Smith's will also give you 50 fuel points for every Non-Federally Funded Prescription you get filled.
If you need more info on how the Fuel Rewards work or if you want to check your Fuel Rewards earnings, you can go here to the Smiths Food and Drug Website or check on their App.


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