Please Read! Why Are My Subscribe & Save Orders A Different Price Now?

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I get asked a lot of questions about Amazon’s subscribe and save program, but one that is asked by far the most is, “Why when I look back at my subscribe and save orders on my S&S subscription page, my items are not the same price I signed up to pay?” In fact, I was just asked this question again today, so I thought I’d clear it up!

To answer the question in short, you will not pay a different price than what you signed up for, you just have to know where to look in your Amazon account.

It’s valid question and one thing that causes much confusion. But no need to be confused any more!

So when you sign up for a subscription it will look something like this…


Notice that in the order summary above it reflects your coupon savings (if any) and your subscribe and save savings. The price in this final page before you confirm your subscription, is indeed, the price you will be locked into pay for that one subscription only.

Well, here’s the deal, when you go and look at your subscribe and save page, you would not see that $9.89 price of the hypothetical example above anywhere! Why? Because in “your subscribe and save” page (like the one below) the only price reflected is what the price CURRENTLY is on Amazon. It doesn’t reflect the coupon savings, or show you the price you confirmed to pay. Sometimes it may be the right price, but really, you can just completely disregard it!

Where To Find the Right Price:


To see the right price you will be paying, simply go to “your account” then “your orders”. The right price you will be paying is reflected there. Take a look at the toothbrushes in the image above. See how it says $7.11? I didn’t sign up to pay that price, but rather $4.76, which is shown under my orders placed in my account circled in red in the example below.


So basically, the moral of this story is—just don’t pay attention to what it says on your subscribe and save page! Refer to your orders page and look at the top price in the gray bar, to find what you really will be paying!

Was this helpful? I’d love to know! What other questions can I answer for you?

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