How to Cut a Paper Snowflake! Plus, I’m Starting a New Family Christmas Tradition.

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I’ve always enjoyed cutting paper snowflakes. It’s a great activity to do with kids, and it costs nothing! Grab some regular computer paper and some scissors and get cutting! Get big white butcher paper to make fun, HUGE snowflakes! There are so many ways to cut snowflakes, but this is one of my favorite ways:

{Each number correlates with the image above}

  1. Get a regular sheet of paper, fold it from one corner over. (To mix it up, you could put glitter on them, or use a patterned paper)
  2. Cut off the excess
  3. Fold it in half
  4. Fold in half again
  5. Then, fold the short side over (see picture above)
  6. Cut off the excess triangle
  7. It will leave a paper triangle that has one solid fold and one side with multiple folds.
  8. Cut pieces out to your desired look. Use the picture above as a guide or make up your own! Tip: Never cut completely across or up and down one side, or it will fall apart. To get a skinny snowflake, like the one pictured, cut off pieces from the multiple folded side. Experiment, and you will see!
  9. Enjoy your snowflakes!

I put them on my Christmas tree this year because I love them so much!



And about my new family Christmas tradition…see all those wrapped gifts under the tree? Well, they are just Christmas books! And I thought this year I wanted to make the 12 days of Christmas leading up to Christmas special. So, I went and got 12 Christmas books (I actually got them from the library, but if you have Christmas books already, great!) and wrapped them. Then each night I let my kids choose one book to open and we read it. I know this isn’t necessarily a new idea, but it sure has been fun for my kids!


What are your favorite family Christmas traditions?

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