Final Days–Expires 10/15: Get $50 In Free Groceries From Smith’s!

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When you sign up for the Smith's 1-2-3 Rewards Visa, and make just one purchase (no matter how big or small), you will get a $50 statement credit! (See how at the end of this post.) Nine months ago I signed up for the Smith's 1-2-3 rewards Visa because I shop at Smith's all the time anyway, so I thought, “why not get the rewards from it?”

I generally don't think it's a good idea to use credit cards, and I would never want to promote getting a credit card if you are going to go into debt. However, I do think there is a place for them when you USE THEM RIGHT and use them to your advantage. Keep reading to see how I earned $35.00 in free groceries (in addition to the $50 statement credit!) in the first 3 months, just by buying what I normally buy anyway.


What Got Me To Sign Up:

  • You save an extra $0.25 off per gallon of gas purchased at Smith's stations for the first 3-months when you use your card as payment. (You must have at least a $0.10 reward to redeem to get the extra $0.25 off) After that, you will save an extra $0.03 off per gallon anytime–even if you don't have a reward.
  • You get exclusive offers and coupons from Smith's.
  • You get points back for purchases made with the card, and for every 100 points, you get $1 back in the form of a check (every three months) to use at Smith's:
    • Get 1 point for every purchase made outside Smith's
    • Get 2 points for purchases made at Smith's
    • Get 3 points for Kroger items purchased at Smith's (i.e., kroger brand, private selection, home sense, simple truth, p$$t…)


My Experience With the Smith's 1-2-3 Rewards Visa:

For the first three months we were saving anywhere from $0.35-$0.65 off per gallon for gas! That saved us well over $200 right there. Plus, in the first quarter (they send out rewards quarterly) I got $35.00 in checks (and a few coupons) to be used at Smith's— Made for FREE groceries! This Visa card is issued through US Bank, and they have a very convenient app you can put on your phone so you can easily see activity, pay your bill, and manage your account.

My husband and I only typically use credit cards when we are making bigger purchases, but we also have been using this card as payment for gas so we can use our reward. Plus, I have been using this card when I shop at Smith's as well, just so I can get more points!

Some of you may remember when I talked about how we pay our bills six months in advance, and we always do that with a credit card and then turn around and pay it off. (Meaning we have the money already, but use a credit card to pay for it upfront to get rewards. We pay it off within a few days of the charge posting–we never, ever pay interest on our credit card purchases.)


Ways to Rack Up Your Points for FREE Groceries:

So, like I said, I generally don't suggest ever using a credit card because it is so much easier to spend plastic, than actual paper money. However, the times I think it is okay to use a credit card is when you are going to be making big purchases anyway and have the money set aside for it. AND when you are paying off your credit card immediately–NEVER pay interest.

Here are just some of the ways I racked up my points this quarter:

  • Bought Christmas gifts (I got this card in November and used it for Christmas, BUT–I had money set aside for these purchases and paid them off right away!)
  • Paid for our Vacation (Again, we had the money set aside, but used the credit card to pay for our vacation and then paid it off right away.)
  • Purchased All Groceries/Gas on the card
  • Paid for our bills six months in advance (we do this anyway, so why not get some serious reward points from it?!)
  • Also, if we buy furniture, we always use our credit card (and if I haven't beaten this to death–we do it because we have the money set aside BEFORE buying it. We never, ever, EVER go into debt with out cards.)

Obviously, these are just some examples and you won't have the same purchases as me, but you can really rack up your points if you use your card for big purchases, or to pay for your bills. Even if you don't pay your bills way in advance, one month's bills will still be a good chunk of change. If you are going to be paying for them anyway, you may as well get a reward back for them, right?


Utah Deal Diva Reader Offer:

If you feel this card is a right fit for you, I have a pretty cool offer for you all that will get you a reward right away!

You will get an automatic $50 Statement Credit, just for signing up through this link and making one purchase (no matter how big or small)

Here's How:

  1. Go here to sign up for the card
  2. Choose the Smith's 1-2-3 Rewards Visa
  3. Use referral code: 45095332537 
  4. Upon approval and after you make just one purchase by 12/1/16 (even a $0.50 candy bar!) you will receive a $50 Smith's Rewards Visa Statement credit and exclusive offers! You can use the $50 for groceries, or anything else you want. This offer ends 10/15/16.

NOTE: The $50 credit may take up to a couple bill cycles to show up on your credit card statement.


Go here to sign up and get your $50 Statement Credit!




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