Hilltop Consignment Sale: Cheap Kid’s Clothing!

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Have you heard of the Hilltop Consignment sale in Sandy?  The sale is open to the public tomorrow,  9/17 through Saturday, 9/18 from 9am to 8pm. On Saturday, everything is discounted an additional 25%. It's located at the Hilltop Methodist church at 985 East 10600 South in Sandy.

This was my first time at the sale and I have to say- it was a bit crazy…but very worth it! I'm told the Pre-sale is always crazy though, so don't be afraid if you'd like to stop by this weekend. Actually, I really recommend it- the prices are incredible!

This is easily the largest consignment sale I've ever been to- and I've been to several. It was split into different sections- clothing, shoes, toys, books, infant items, bikes, and strollers-{oh heavens they had tons of strollers!} Overall I felt it was pretty organized.  I was very impressed with the pricing. Just about everything was a fantastic deal.

The selection was very, very good for just about everything. I got several super cute toddler boy items- Gap jeans for $2, lined button down Gap shirts for $2, and a darling pair of brown shoes for $3. I wasn't as thrilled with the little girl items. Maybe everyone before me already got the good stuff? Many of the girl clothes seemed dated. I did find several cute items though, as you can see from the picture below.
The shoe selection was incredible! There were tables and tables of kid's shoes and they all looked to be in great condition. The Spider-man snow boots that look new were only $4!
Overall, I spent $76.75 on 27 items, which averages out to $2.84 per item! Amazing! 

A few tips:

  • Bring cash or check! 
  • Bring a large bag to stow your treasures in as you walk around.
  • Prepare to spend some time in line. As I said, the pre-sale was crazy, so I don't imagine it will be like this tomorrow, but I did wait in line for an hour! 
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3 thoughts on “Hilltop Consignment Sale: Cheap Kid’s Clothing!

  1. Chantelle says:

    I thought this sale was AMAZING! They are so organized it blows my mind! I'm not sure where you were looking… but I saw TONS of cute girl stuff!! Yes, there was a bunch of people there – but everyone was polite and happy. My wait in line wasn't nearly that long. They have a super fast method of checking people out and the line moved. I started at the end of the hall and got through in maybe 20 minutes top.
    This sale is DEFINITELY worth going to!

  2. The Fletchers says:

    I have been going to this sale for about 5 years. It happens once in the fall and once in the spring (April 8th and 9th, 2011). It's great and very well organized. Yes, the presale is a little crazy, but that's what makes it so fun and exciting! I've been told they sell about $30,000 of merchandise per sale, so it's very well attended. P.S. Great to finally meet you in person!

  3. Debbie says:

    I went today around noon, just a couple hours before the whole thing ended, and they still had a ton of great stuff. I got 18 articles of clothing and a pair of shoes for $22.70 after the 25% off discount! Such a great deal!!! I'll definitely be going back to this sale in the spring.

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