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Hi, I'm Alison Andersen.
Wife to a wonderful and supportive Husband, AJ.
Mom to 4 crazy boys: Arlo, Cache, Cam and Boone.

I'm also known as the
Coupon Gal on facebook
Manager and Public Speaker for GrocerySmarts
and now as the Utah Deal Diva!

For those that don't use coupons, you might know me as one of those CrAZy persons holding up the checkout lane at the Grocery Store!  That's me, but I don't care.  I love coupons and they love me back!

I've been using coupons since 2008 and it all started when my husband lost his job when I was 8 months pregnant with my 3rd son.   Things got scary and our budget got tight.  I remember my mom coming over to my house with a $100 bill and the coupons from her Sunday paper and she said “Alison, make this $100 last.  Here's some coupons to help.”  I took that as a challenge and never looked back!

In the last 6 years I've taken control of our families finances and slashed our grocery bill by 60%.  We used to be a family of 4 spending $800/month for all of our Groceries and Household items, and now we are a family of 6 spending around $400/month.  While adding 2 members to our family, I was still able to lower our grocery bill, still eat healthy and build a food storage all at the same time.  We went from barely surviving to thriving on less.

Couponing is and has been a blessing to my family.  This has blessed my family in so many ways, that I feel it's my duty and priviledge to pay it forward.  For this reason, I'm grateful to be able to share my knowledge here on UDD and also through my Free couponing classes.

My main focus on Utah Deal Diva will be the same as my classes:

“Extremely Practical Couponing for Extremely Practical Moms”.  

I am a practical mom.  I have 4 kids and run 2 businesses from home.  Things get hectic for me, but I still find time to coupon.  My coupon methods are easy, practical and yield great results.

UDD will be a place where I'll share my Extremely Practical couponing methods.  You'll find “How To” guides for couponing as well as guides to saving money in other areas of life.  I'll do Q&A posts regularly to answer your questions.  We'll talk about saving big so you can give big.  We'll talk about saving time so you can give time to what's most important, family!

I love spending time with my family and it just so happens that we live in a wonderful, beautiful state.  I'll share with you fun family activities whether it's going to a musuem, the trampoline park, our beautiful State and National parks or a family friendly hike.

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Thanks for being a reader and follower of UtahDealDiva.com.  Thanks to everyone that has ever hosted a class, attended a class, left a comment on the blog or facebook or even said ‘Hi' in the grocery store. I love you all!

If you aren't already, be sure to friend me on facebook and “Like” Utah Deal Diva.  I love to be personal with my couponing friends so don't hesitate to tag me in your posts on facebook, share you're awesome finds and write questions on my wall!

Thanks again!  Happy Shopping, Happy Savings!
I'll see you at the sale!

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