Handmade Flower Cards for Mother’s Day!

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I recently saw this cute idea on Make & Takes and thought I'd tell you all about it. Marie, the author of the blog is amazing! She is so creative and I especially enjoy how most of her crafts are kid-friendly. I consider myself a creative person, but when it comes to arts & crafts, I'm somewhat challenged! She spells it all out and takes lot of fun pictures detailing her processes though, which I really appreciate!

Marie made some cute flower cards that I thought would be darling little gifts for Mother's Day, Teacher appreciation week, etc. Purchasing a card can easily set you back $2-$7, so I prefer to make them myself. Over the years I've given a myriad of homemade cards to others, so I'm always on the lookout for cute ideas.

Using only a few supplies, Marie transforms little flowers and other odds and ends from the garden into delightful characters for her cards. Cute! Go see how she does it here!
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