Guest Post: Sewing Easy Kid’s Clothes on a Dime!

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I’ve always been a clearance shopper when it comes to clothing. But another fun way to save money on clothing (and develop amazing talents!) is simply to make it yourself! As I have zero experience with this topic, I asked a Jessica from Bits for Baby to show us all how she made these darling little tops for her baby girl! She made these shirts from clearance pieces of fabric; each cost her about $1.

Here are the items you need:
  • One fat quarter of fabric for a 0-12 month baby (my daughter is 10 months old and wears 9-12 month clothes and this fits her with a bit of room to grow.)
  • Or: 1/2 yard for any size over about 12 months
  • thread to match fabric
  • about a yard and a half of ribbon

Instructions: First, you need to make a pattern. I used a shirt that fits her now as a guide, and laid out some scrap fabric to cut out this basic shape. Use this pattern to then cut 2 from the fabric to make the shirt.So here are your two pieces. (I had yet to cut across the bottom.)Pin the sides together, on the right sides of the fabric and sew. (I sewed a 1/2 inch seam)Tada! Your sides are sewn.Now hem your bottom. I use the roll over twice technique. Starting at the seam, turn the fabric up about 1/4 of an inch, then fold over again to contain the raw edge. Pin all around. Pins are your friend! Then sew along the top edge of your rolled portion.Zig zag stitch around the raw edges, or if you're super cool and have a serger, stitch it with that.Pin up your arm hole edges about 1/2 inch. Now sew it. Pretty easy, right!This is what it will look like. It's just a baby shirt, so don't worry if it puckers. (At least, I don't.)Pick out your ribbon and cut it into two pieces. Mine were about 24 inches long each.Fold over the top portions, making sure you have enough room for your ribbon to fit.Now sew along that edge! Thread your ribbon through the top casing. Now, you can fit it on your wee one and see where to sew in the ribbon (so it doesn't slide out or move around), or if you're like me and you like to guess, then by all means, guess!Sew over your seam, making sure to catch the ribbon, and back stitch a few times for good measure.Now, do a happy dance! You've made a shirt! Next, go try it on your little one!

Jessica is a stay-at-home Mom who also runs her own business, Bits for Baby, on Etsy. She loves all things crafty and it shows! This girl has got an amazing talent! You can check out her new craft blog here.

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