Grocerysmarts Dropping a Few Stores From Their Lists

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I know many of you use the grocerysmarts lists, so I thought I would update you on some minor changes that are coming. I have received word that they no longer will be covering Reams, Albertsons, and Associated Foods. However, they will still be covering Macey’s and Fresh Market.

What is Grocerysmarts?

It is a site that matches all sale circular ads with coupons. It is much like what I do for Smith’s, but they typically just stick to the ad’s advertised sales, and match those sales with coupons. I go into Smith’s and search out the unadvertised deals as well.  I encourage you to look at the grocerysmarts lists, along with my match-ups because then you will be getting the most important information before you go shopping. I like to tell people it is always a good idea to check a couple different sites before going shopping, so you know you have all your bases covered!



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