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Over the last few weeks I've had the chance to try out XANGO juice, as well as a few other Xango products. Have you heard of XANGO? Most likely that answer is yes, being as Xango's headquarters are here in Utah. Xango's main product is the popular juice derived from the Mangosteen, a fruit found in Southeast Asia. It's long since been known for its health benefits and stop the presses- it actually tastes good too! There are some health drinks out there that I'm sure have wonderful natural medicinal qualities but the fact that you can't even stomach the taste is a major disappointment! XANGO has a very strong flavor, but it's good- somewhat like cranberry juice in my opinion.

I drank the juice religiously for a couple weeks and while I'd love to say I noticed a ton of difference, I didn't. Then again, I'm a young, healthy active person, so I'm not super surprised! XANGO is known to promote good cardiovascular health and also helps to maintain a good immune system.

I tried several products from the Juni line of beauty care items. These products are all 100% natural and are made with essential oils. I absolutely loved all the scents! They were refreshing with a hint of grapefruit and lemongrass. My hair tends to be really dry for about a year post-baby, so I wasn't incredibly thrilled with the shampoo and conditioner, but I've used the lotion multiple times a day for the last couple weeks and love it.

Enter to win one XANGO prize pack 
that includes a case {4 bottles!}
 of XANGO juice, as well as 
four products from the 
Juni line of beauty items! 

Here's what you can do to enter:

  • Like XANGO on Facebook! You can also visit the Utah Deal Diva Facebook page and LIKE, COMMENT and/or SHARE the giveaway post for an entry! 
  • Visit the XANGO website and tell me a product you're interested in! 
Contest ends 8/24- thank you and good luck to everyone who participates! 

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