Giveaway: Full Set of Eyelash Extensions from Star Lash Studio In Draper! I Love Mine!

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I was given lashes in exchange for a review. However, I keep it real, and all opinions expressed are my own. 


I am so pleased with my new lashes from Star Lash studio in Draper, I couldn’t wait to tell you guys all about them! I got them done a little over two weeks ago, and I wanted to wait that long so I could give an honest review. And honestly I wasn’t too sure about getting them before I had them. I thought they would irritate my eyes or look “too fake.” But this hasn’t been the case. I am more happy with them than I thought I would be, my only problem now is I don’t know how I’ll live without them. 😉


The number one best thing about having eyelash extensions, is that you wake up with makeup on. It still kind of startles me in the morning when I see my face, and it looks like I have mascara on. I have loved this because I don’t like makeup that much anyway AND I have really bad seasonal allergies right now, so it’s been super awesome not having to wear mascara.

Here are some facts about eyelashes I was always curious about before getting them:

  • They glue a single lash to each of your existing lashes (not your eyelid) to give you a natural look.
  • It takes about 1.5 hours to get them on.
  • They last 4-6 weeks, but can last longer if you take care of them. (Try not to play with them, pull or rub on them.)
  • They can’t be in water until 48 hours after getting them on.
  • Star lash studios using a safe FDA approved glue that won’t irritate or harm your eyes. Thank goodness!!
  • You can have you eyelashes filled every week if you want, but most people have them filled monthly.

Here’s a picture right after I got them on!


Now to answer the question you’re all asking–How much do they cost? I had her put more “natural” lashes on me.

Here are couple price options offered at Star Lash Studio:

Full Natural Set of Eyelash Extensions: $79

Super Full Set of Eyelash Extensions: $149


$25-$50 depending on how full you want them.

I worked out a deal for all of you since I knew you would want one–of course!

Mention Utah Deal Diva when calling in to make an appointment (try to make it 2 days in advance) and you will save $20 off a set! If the person is not sure what you are talking about, ask to talk to Jenny and she will get you the deal. Call (801) 858-0040 to make an appointment. They are located inside south towne mall close to Macy’s inside the mall. Star Lash Studio is also opening a second location in July in the Murray Fashion Place mall! 

Here’s a picture 1 week after I got them on:


And taken today, a little over two weeks since I’ve had them:


Now I want to give one of you lucky ladies a set of your own! Win a full set (Valued at $149!) Follow the steps below and good luck! I will run this giveaway for one week, and the winner will be notified via email.

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31 thoughts on “Giveaway: Full Set of Eyelash Extensions from Star Lash Studio In Draper! I Love Mine!

  1. Madalyn D. says:

    So do you not wear mascara on them at all? Also, do you feel like you could potentially have damage to your natural eyelashes if you don’t keep them up? What happens if you choose not to get them re-filled? Do they shed, fall out/off? Just look bad?! ha ha! I have no idea how this stuff works, so just thought I would ask!

    • Janica says:

      I don’t have to wear mascara at all! I don’t think it would damage eyelashes, unless you are keeping them on for years. They just slowly fall off, I have lost probably 20 or less lashes maybe, I’m just guessing. I haven’t got to the point where they look bad, so I’ll have to get back to you on that one. haha! The lady that did my lashes said your natural lashes are falling out every 4-6 weeks.

  2. Brittany says:

    I’ve never had eyelash extension. I’d love to try them! When I watch makeup tutorials I’m always jealous of how perfect everyone’s lashes look!

  3. Cassie says:

    I’ve never had extensions, but I’ve been dying to try them!! I’m all about an easy morning routine, and these seem like they’d fit really well into that 😉

  4. Tana says:

    I have wanted to try eyelash extensions because my natural lashes are so short! They’re full but short so these would be perfect.

  5. Deb C says:

    Because I have hypothyroidism, my eyelashes have gotten sparse. These would be a fabulous way to have them full again. I have never tried them before.

  6. Reagan Holmes says:

    Oooohh..I’ve been so curious about these but I’m not really a spa kinda girl so I’ve never researched….How long did it take to get them put on?

    • Janica says:

      Good question! I actually just added that in there because I realized I didn’t say. They took 1.5 hours to put on. But you are laying down, so it’s pretty relaxing. 🙂

  7. Heather Demke says:

    I’ve been really wanting to try extensions but not had the budget for them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. Jennifer Meecham says:

    I would like to try eyelash extensions because they look so pretty on people, and I want to look good without makeup!

  9. Taryn says:

    I have never had these but would love them. No mascara would be the best ever! Thanks for the review. After seeing all the horror stories on the news about these its good to know they are safe.

  10. Jessica Nelson says:

    Yes I have had eyelash extensions before and can I say they are AMAZING! Currently I do not I haven’t for a while but they are addicting and the confidence booster first thing in the morning with no make-up is the best! This is such a great give away thank you!

  11. Krystal says:

    I’ve always wanted to try them, but thought it was too expensive. My friend gets them and she always looks amazing!

  12. angie ukena says:

    I would love to try eyelash extensions, because it would be nice to not to have to wear mascara. I haven’t ever had them done before.

  13. Chantel Day says:

    I would love to freshen up my look with some extensions. Just had my fifth kid and I sure look tired and don’t have much time for applying makeup

  14. Taryn Bryner says:

    Okay, I legitimately have the shortest, straightest, lightest lashes you could imagine. It takes forever to make them look like something and I hate spending the time, but if I just leave them and go without makeup, I look like I’m 12! I’m almost 24 and I’ve been mistaken for a 16-year-old more times than I can count. And I live 5 minutes from their new location at Fashion Place so I’m dying to win these!

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