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There's something about a newly cleaned carpet that just makes your home feel ten times cleaner. Everyone here know what I'm talking about?! I am really meticulous about clean carpets. We don't wear our shoes in our home and the minute we have a spill I'm spraying cleanser and doing my best to scrub it out. I think it's the type-A personality in me, but for whatever reason, it is what it is and my husband just knows by now, I need to have clean carpets.

I've used several carpet cleaning companies over the years but no one has done a better job than EcoFresh Carpet Care. They actually just changed the name from Chem Clean {I did a review for them earlier this year if any of you remember!} to EcoFresh Carpet Care to reflect their dedication to cleaning without harsh chemicals. The results speak for themselves and I'm always pleased with their thoroughness in cleaning and attentiveness to customers.

I both love and hate the picture I took below. Despite my best efforts to keep my home clean, dirt happens. I think it comes with the territory of having 4 children! I didn't think my carpets were that bad but you can clearly see the lines of where they'd already cleaned versus the {darker} dry spots that were still dirty.

I put their skills to the test this time too because I had a 3″ round vegetable oil stain on the carpet in my living room. {Don't ask. It's a sore subject.} Have you ever tried to get vegetable oil out of carpet?? Take my advice- keep all cooking oils far, far away from any carpet you love. I tried getting the stain out with everything known to mankind for about 3 months. Finally EcoFresh Carpet Care came out and took care of it in about 5 minutes. They pre-treated the stain, then used a special tool to flush the oil out. They explained to me that the trick is getting the oil out of the carpet pad as well as the carpet. They then post-treated the stain and voila- it's gone! They gave me some tips on what to do if it shows up again, but thankfully it hasn't. Thanks guys- I'm so happy that stain is out! 
Enter to win $100 in FREE carpet cleaning 
{To enter, you must have a Utah address that is located within the following areas- 
Utah county as far south as Nephi, Davis county as far north as Kaysville/ Farmington, 
as far west as Tooele and as far east as Heber City. 
$100 carpet cleaning normally consists of 3 rooms and 1 hallway.}
Follow the instructions in the box below to enter. 
Thanks for participating and good luck everyone!!

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