Fun Family Night–$0.25 Ice Cream Cones in Mantua, Utah

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Summer is almost over, which means we need any excuse we can get to get out of the house (aka–my kids are constantly fighting–can you relate?!) We had heard about the cutest little store in Mantua called the Little Valley Country Store, but had never been there. It was worth checking out! The coolest thing about this little store is you can get $0.25 ice cream cones. It is something they do all the time! It made for a fun family outing. I am always looking for fun and affordable things to do with my little boys and of course, they always like getting ice cream. The store also has penny candies, which was also fun!




After we got ice cream, we went on a bike ride around the Mantua reservoir. Both the store and the reservoir are something worth checking out even if you don't live nearby. It would make for a fun day trip. You can read more about our trip to the reservoir here. 

Have a great day and hang in there–school is almost starting. 🙂


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