Fun at Corn Belly’s

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Nellie and I had the chance to take our families to Corn Belly's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Fest last week, courtesy of Sara Beck Real Estate. There were also 2 UDD readers there who won the Halloween Event contest! I met one- hope you both had fun!

Along the lines of fun, we sure had our fill!  I'd never been before, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, however it turned out to be a lot more! More activities, play areas, corn mazes, pumpkins, play grounds, etc. It was HUGE! There were a lot of people there, particularly for a weekday night in early October, but the place was so big, it didn't feel insanely crowded.

We had all our kids there and they ranged from 9 years down to 10 months, but there seemed to be something for everyone. Camden and Leah {pictured above} enjoyed more simple things like eating hay, eating grass, swinging on swings, etc. I think the hay was the big winner though. Remind me to buy a bale and put it in my backyard for instant hours of fun.

The big kids enjoyed the jumping pillows, the giant sack slide, but an unlikely winner was this fun activity set up where you pump water down a track and move your duck {boat} along. They could have played there for the entire night!

Leah, still smiling despite her bad hair day. 

They had pumpkins for sale and they seemed pretty moderately priced. We stopped and looked a few times and took about a million pictures in front of them. In true Leah fashion she tried to eat one. However, 4 tiny teeth will only get you so far. She sure looked cute though!

Before leaving, Nellie and I rounded up all the kidlets and took this cute picture. I swear we're not sister wives. Doesn't this sort of look like an ad for them?! Ha! Or maybe it's a preschool field trip. Nope, we each own 4 of the 8 cuties above. You'll have to forgive me for looking insanely tired. Corn Belly's with 8 kids total will do that to ya! No really, I got braces on the day before I was certainly feeling it. Don't click on the picture to enlarge, I'm still trying to figure out how to smile without being in pain. Someday…

Stop by Corn Belly's and let the kids run around and have fun! They're open nearly every day until November 3rd. Ticket prices range from $9+ – it's cheaper if you go on a week day and also if you purchase tickets as a group of 15+. 

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