Frugal Friday: My Grocery Shopping Routine

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My grocery shopping routine is pretty simple, so hopefully you find my tips useful. I do most my grocery shopping at Smith’s and Kent’s. I occasionally go to Target and Costco. And then I also like to catch great grocery deals on Amazon with subscribe and save. But, probably 85% of my shopping is done at Smith’s.

Here is what I like to buy at each store:

Smith’s: Almost all groceries and I do most my couponing here.

Kent’s: Mostly produce, but sometimes bread, meat, and cheese. (I don’t ever hardly use coupons here; they don’t take printable coupons.)

Coscto: I buy produce that is a good deal, frozen meat, frozen fruit, yogurt, avocado oil, bread, and other various things that I feel are a good deal.

Target: I love their stock up deals on toilet paper and toiletries. But I also love their cleaning, clothing, and grocery deals too! I can rock the couponing here pretty good! There’s nothing better than a sale price, stacked with a manufacturer coupon, stacked with a store coupon, stacked with a giftcard back and rebate app offer. Sometimes the deals just get insane at Target!

Amazon: Subscribe and Save deals, including diapers!


Here is my shopping routine: 

The first thing I do before I go grocery shopping is look at the Smith’s list. I plan out what I think would be good for meals according to what is on sale. Then I get all my coupons together and go shopping (preferably without my kids, but heaven knows that just isn’t realistic all the time.) Most the time I am just rushing to gather and cut all the coupons I want to use. Other times I spend 20-30 minutes cutting out coupons and planning a shopping trip.

One thing that has helped me get my coupons together and remember to use them, is throughout the week I will cut out a coupon I know I want to use and put it in the front of my coupon holder. I literally spend hardly any time at all gathering coupons, but I save a ton of money with them! (You can go here to read more about the coupon holder I use or go here to read about the clipless coupon method I use.)

I like to also look at my other local ads, to see if there is a deal I can’t miss that week. Sometimes I don’t get coupons together and just have to wing my shopping for the week. I feel like a lot of people get discouraged about saving with coupons because they feel like if they miss a week where they don’t coupon, they are a failure. That isn’t how real life goes. Sometimes I rock my shopping and get awesome deals and hardly spend anything. Sometimes I go to Costco and spend more than my entire grocery budget in one trip (which I don’t like, but it happens!)

Lately, I have also been getting my meat through a meat co-op called Zaycon fresh. I do my week to week grocery shopping at Smith’s, using the Smith’s list. I try to plan my meals according to what is on sale. Deals to meals is another great resource for planning meals, and she does all the work for you!


I think something that is important to mention is I don’t just save on my grocery bill by using coupons, but also by buying what is on sale. At Smith’s especially, there are so many things that are a great price even without coupons. This is where I hope my Smith’s list come in handy for all of you!

Sometimes my Kent’s Market runs awesome sales (especially their Super Saturday or Early Bird sales) and I catch great deals at those sales, especially on bread, cheese and produce. Like I mentioned, I don’t use many coupons at Kent’s because they don’t take printable coupons, but I do like going there to buy produce.

I also make a special effort to add to my stockpile each week. This tremendously helps keep our grocery bill down. If I already have staple foods in my storage that I use often, I don’t have to go to store as much. My freezer is my best friend. I freeze everything! Not to mention, having a stockpile of toiletries, toilet paper, cleaning items, diapers, etc., saves me tons of money too. I mostly only have to buy fresh foods each week and a few stockpile items because of my stockpile and food storage.

The number one thing I would say to do to get your grocery bill down is shop frugally with coupons and plan meals. And plan ahead for everything! In the summertime, we are all going out and doing things with our kids and families. Plan ahead for the picnics and outings you are going to have. Stock-up on cheap food items (like the $0.99 Juicy Juice juice boxes at Smith’s!) If you know you are going to be wanting treats for movies in the park, or fireworks, start getting those things now! I do a weekly stockpile list of things that you should be adding to your stockpile that may be able to help.

How do you save on your grocery bill? Coupons, clearance deals? Tell me in the comments!

Hope you all are having a safe and fun summer,






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