Frugal Friday: My Favorite Way To Save On Produce

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If you are a Smith’s shopper, you have probably run in to the clearance bagged produce for $0.99/bag. This is my favorite way to save on produce! My store happened to have a whole cart full of this produce today and I was able to get 1 bag of sweet potatoes, 1 bag of red peppers, 1 bag of organic green apples, and 1 bag of red apples for $3.96 total.


Some of the produce is too far gone for my liking, but a lot of times you can find stuff that will be great for a few days (or longer), especially potatoes and onions.

I also picked up some Sabra hummus to dip veggies in. It is on sale for $2.49 right now, and you can also download a Smith’s digital coupon for $0.60/1 Sabra Hummus, 10 oz. (and use it up to 5 times!) I personally love the roasted red pepper hummus. I dip carrots, celery, and red peppers in it.


Another produce item I get at Smith’s on clearance pretty often is the bagged lettuce. I always look for the Dole chopped salad to be on clearance because I love it! They often mark the bigger bags down to $2.49/each (at my store anyway!)

Another thing I have been wanting to tell you guys about is the NPS store in North Salt Lake. It is my sister’s favorite store. She mostly goes for non-food items, but I know lots of people love NPS for the food clearance. You can get extreme deals on produce. In fact, I just found out the other day there is a facebook group just for sharing NPS finds!¬†Once you get accepted in the group, you should scroll down an look at the produce finds people have scored. Pretty cool!

What ways do you save on produce?



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2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday: My Favorite Way To Save On Produce

  1. Tawnya says:

    I LOVE NPS, so thanks for letting me know about the Facebook group. It is a bit of a drive for me and can be a real hit or miss sometimes.

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