Fox 13 News Here I Come & Speaking of Being a Mommy…

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So this snazzy car was parked outside my house yesterday morning! Fox 13 News is doing a feature on “Mommy” blogging that will air tonight during the 9pm news. Kelly Chapman {remember her from the Fresh Living segments I did a couple years ago?} and I had a great chat about all things blogging so I'm excited to see it tonight!  We talked a lot about the business and financial aspects of blogging, as well as the launch of my new blog, Butter with a Side of Bread. Apparently my segment is supposed to be on by about 9:40 pm.

My sister-in-law Raz was over helping me with my kids while we filmed the interview and she snapped several pictures of the process. I wish I had gotten a picture with the camera and all the lights set up in my super cute newly decorated office! Dang it. You'll just have to watch tonight to see a glimpse! It was cool.

 Kelly, Leah and I posing for the camera.
Discussing how we want to film the segment with 3 out of 4 of my crazy kids underfoot. All in a day's work! 
Colin couldn't take his eyes off the camera and Hailey decided that I was more of a jungle gym than a baby-holding-mama at that point. 
No, the kids actually did really well during the whole thing. Perhaps it was the cookies I fed them half-way through? Mom of the year right here, folks! When in doubt, bribery works…
They asked how I took my food pictures for Butter with a Side of Bread and I showed them my process. It involves using dishes in the dish drainer as props and me leaving over the kitchen sink. Really. 

 Speaking of Mommyhood… a little over a year ago I was getting rather tired of being able to do this:

A snow storm hit and I went into labor, resulting in this:

Oh Michele Reyes Photography– you truly were amazing! 
I still love looking at these newborn photos you took! 

I remember when Leah was little and let me do things like this:
Look! Total Future-Mommy-Blogger in the making! She's a natural! 
My point? My baby is ONE today! 
After Fox News left I  decorated the cake and the house for Leah's little party. My baby is one! What happened to the past year? At any rate, we had fun, Leah massacred her cake and after it was all over I collapsed on the couch. What a day. 
Watch the news tonight at 9pm to see the segment my kids and I are in! 🙂
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