Favorite Eats: A New Way to Save on Eating Out In Utah!

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During the summer my family eats out way more often than we probably should. Between the activities and trips, sometimes it's just necessary, you know? So I am always looking for ways to save at restaurants!

I recently stumbled upon an app called Favorite Eats. It's basically a big coupon book of just restaurant deals, but in app form. It reminds of a happenings book, but it's digital and it's only for Utah! The deals are good, with lots of $5 off a $10 purchase deals, tons of BOGO free, etc. Unlike the happenings, a lot of the deals can be used once each month.


Last weekend we were out and about and my kids were hangry, so I decided to stop in at Barbacoa. I was able to snag 3 huge burritos for only $10 with my $5/$15 purchase coupon from the app. It saved me $5 or 33% with my first time using the app. That paid for more than one month with just one trip.

Download the app here. 

To get the higher value coupons, you must upgrade your account, you can choose from a monthly or annual plan—

Monthly Plans are $4/month

  • Gives you access to all coupons, including high-value $5/$10 or $5/$15 coupons and BOGO free.
  • Pay month to month and cancel at any time

Annual Plans are $35/year

  • Gives you access to all coupons, including high-value $5/$10 or $5/$15 coupons and BOGO free.
  • Gives you a full year of savings and saves you $13 in the long run over the $4/month plan.


I am giving you all your first month FREE to try it out! 

Here's how:

1. Download the app HERE

2. In the app, go to a deal and choose “Upgrade”

3. Put in the code DEALDIVA4SUMMER16 when checking out to get your first month free!


One thing that is also worth mentioning, is they have partnered with the Utah Food Bank, and they will make a donation to provide six meals to hungry families in the community for every person who subscribes.


Go here to sign up for your first month free with Favorite Eats! 



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