Emergency Essentials: Another $10 Gift Card Offer!

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If you participated in the last $10 gift card offer from Emergency Essentials, I have good news- here's your chance to earn another $10! {If you didn't, don't worry, you can still participate as it's now an ongoing offer!}

Emergency Essentials, a Utah-based company that sells a wide variety of emergency preparedness supplies. has developed a new tool for analyzing food storage. Simply go here, take 5-10 minutes and input a few pieces of information and you'll be well on your way to figuring how how far your current food storage can stretch!
I just input the info for the items I have in my can organizer and it said I can feed my family for 63 days! Incredible!
The Food Storage Analyzer not only calculates your large cans and buckets of food items, but also allows you to input items you've gotten from the grocery store! Most of the items I calculated today were from this area, so it was interesting to see how far that would stretch.
If you would like to try this Food Storage Analyzer™ tool and receive a free $10 gift card from Emergency Essentials®, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the Food Storage Analyzer™ and create a free account – Click here to go to the Analyzer.
  2. Try out the Food Storage Analyzer™ – Click here for Analyzer instructions.
  3. Write a review of the Analyzer and post it on your blog and
  4. Important: Copy and paste the code in the box below the red button (under step 5) to the bottom of your review post – this will add the red button to the bottom of your post.
  5. Send an email to blog@beprepared.com with a link to your blog post. Put ‘Blog Post Giveaway' in the subject line of the email so that we can verify your post and the button. Be sure to include your address so we can mail your gift card.
Gift Card Giveaway
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