Don’t Let the Winter Get You Down! Free Online Healthy Living Class by @cleanseyourlife. She is AWESOME!

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One of my close friends is the owner of She is offering a free facebook class over on her page: Cleanse Your Life on 12/15 at 8 pm MST. It will be a fun, informative class on how to use natural remedies to live a healthier life! Using essential oils, herbs, and real food has helped her family live healthier and feel better. She feels empowered as a mom and no longer feels the anxiety she used to feel when her kids get sick. She’s excited to show you some of her favorite things to reach for and hopes that you’ll come away feeling empowered too!
She is so knowledgeable, this is something you won’t want to miss!

Join the Facebook group here 

You can find her on and on Instagram @cleanseyourlife.
You can also link to my Facebook page
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