Don’t Judge Me: My Office is a Disaster

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No This is Not a Game of Where's Waldo. It's my Office. Really. 

Once again I'm entering the realm of, I Can't Believe I'm Posting these Pictures on the Internet. Bear with me.

Last night I was reveling in the quiet of my house post-kid's bedtime and I came upon this article via Mashable all about organizing your home office.  I read the first line and literally- 17 words in and I was completely inspired. And nodding my head in agreement. And already overwhelmed with the giant task ahead of me.

If you work from home, you owe it to yourself to set up a proper office space.

I do! I really do. I don't exactly know how this is going to happen, but I'll give it my best. I've always prided myself with being an organized person, but after having Leah I think I landed in survival mode and have been operating under the bare necessities since then. She's nearing 9 months old now and I'm finding myself emerging, looking around me and thinking, what happened in here?! 

Another awesome angle. Anyone else nauseous just looking at these?

So I'm posting this so everyone can give me advice and hold me accountable. I'm giving myself 2 weeks {and 1 day} to whip this office into shape. August 15th. Feel free to randomly email me or message me on Facebook, demanding to know my progress. 

If you are a professional organizer, I also give you full permission to come over and lend me a hand. I pay generously in the form of BYU Mint Brownies. 

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Me: My Office is a Disaster

  1. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Leslie- wow- thanks for the link! The our best bites office has some similar elements to what I'm going to attempt to accomplish. Except I have a tiny budget! Thanks heavens for KSL Classifieds- mama needs a new desk!

    Can I just say too how happy I am to hear your office is just as bad as mine?!? That just makes me feel so much better about my little piece of crazy here.

  2. Carrie and Karl says:

    I recently spent a day cleaning my desk. 2/3 of the papers went in the trash. The other 1/3 are now in the appropriate file or folder.
    So: step 1- go through papers and separate into piles 1st, act on soon, 2nd, act on later, 3rd, file, 4th, trash. Throw away trash.
    Step 2- go through other items and either put away in room or put in a box to go elsewhere(don't take it there or you'll get distracted).
    Step 3- Take action on each pile in order. I'm not sure what you have, so I can't tell you how to organize it. Good luck!

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