Don’t get Smith’s coupons? Here’s how to get them!

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I’m happy to inform all of you that I personally heard back from the Smith’s Vice President of Public Affairs on how to get Smith’s coupons. Although her statement may not answer all your questions, it definitely explains why some get coupons and others don’t. It was so gracious of her to get back to me, and it shows how much Smith’s really cares about their customers! Here is her statement:

“Our most loyal customers, who have a valid address in our system, get the quarterly best customer coupon mailers and My Magazine flyers. Loyalty rankings are completed each 30 days, so the recipients change for each mailing based on customer engagement. I suggest they go online at to check the address information we have for them. (The other issue may be that they may not be shopping with us as much as they think they are?) We love all of our customers, but the coupons and mailers are for the most loyal as driven by data.”

-Marsha Gilford, Smith’s Vice President of Public Affairs

So basically, she is saying that if you have a valid address on file, and shop regualarly at Smith’s, you should get the mailers. The lists are made solely from data. Which means, if you shop there alot, their computer will show you are a loyal customer.

She didn’t say how many times you have to shop there per month, but I’m guessing I shop there anywhere between 6-8 times per month. Maybe more? I feel like I am always there, just because I am obviously checking prices and finding sales for this site. 🙂 For those of you that receive the mailers, please comment how many times per month you shop at Smith’s. Maybe that will give others an idea of how much they need to shop there to be considered a “best customer.”

I hope this helps a lot of you. And hopefully you start seeing coupons from them soon!







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10 thoughts on “Don’t get Smith’s coupons? Here’s how to get them!

  1. Bonnie says:

    I am there about 3-4 times a month and I get them. I also ALWAYS do the surveys at the bottom of the receipts. I wonder if that has any affect as well.

  2. Nicki C says:

    I shop there atleast twice a week. I get lots of coupons from them. I also get all my prescriptions there and gas.

  3. Emily says:

    I shop there minimum 4-6 times per month. That doesn't include times I run to grab just one or two things. I also get all my prescriptions there and most of my gas. I think I'm getting all their coupons. (at least I hope I am)

  4. Stacia says:

    I shop there 3-4 times a month (I have to drive to the next town) and I get the quarterly mailers, but only every once in a while do I get the best customer coupons. I do, however, get best customer coupons digitally!

  5. Cassie says:

    I shop there 6-8 times a month and never get them. My information is all updated and always has been. My neighbors all get theirs but not me. I’ve asked several times about it but no one at the store seems to know why I don’t get them.

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